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Kontrol FPS Freek Infinity & That Grown Up Feeling

By: goukijones Oct 15, 2012 | 2 Comments

Experimenting with myself & the new FPS Freek Infinity Xbox 360 Controller thumbstick mods.

Back in August I wrote a review for Kontrol Freek's CQC thumb stick mods. I've left them on my controller ever since. Recently I received the new FPS Freek Infinity mods. Now these ones are for the Halo 4. Blue with an eagle & the roman numeral IV. For Halo 4. >.>

I've had these on & the old ones on since August. They definitely don't bother me. I didn't know what to write about these new "Halo" ones. So yesterday during the day, when the thought came to me, I ran into the game studio & removed the FPS Infinity's from my controller & put them away. So later on I wouldn't think about them & just start playing.

Oh boy was I in for a surprise. I passed out at some point last night during that horrible football & baseball game. I woke up around 10:30PM & thought I could watch some Walking Dead on DVR. Well the DVR, didn't record the first episode & I would have to wait until 11PM for the next 1. What to do until then? Halo Wars. Heard.

Loaded up the stream, put the Halo Wars in, selected my character & started a match. Not 2 seconds into the match did I realize something was horribly wrong. I felt like I was using a kiddie controller. I immediately went for the FPS Freek Infinity's & put them back on my controller. Kontrol Freek, you officially have a user for life. I like the feel of the grown up controller.

Check out the FPS Infinity Freek thumb stick mods on Amazon.

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