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Forza Motor Sport 4 Thoughts of KOF

By: kof2012 Aug 5, 2011 | 8 Comments

This is the best racing game of the year !

Have you ever felt like you needed the need for speed well here is your drug and it is called Forza 4. I will hold for applause bitches cause this is the racing game of the year. If you like racing you like Forza 4 first let me talk about the Kinect features, Those features could keep you playing for hours like the feature that lets you look at the car in certain angles it's great for the car enthusiast; also they're adding a new controller.

If you ask me that controller is badass looks good and acts nice some people say its not worth it. Another feature I want to talk about is the car campaign its said that this time up to sixteen players could play and share car blueprints, but it goes more into to depth than that you can swap engine parts and suspension paint jobs anything that you could almost think of is almost exchangeable. Sorry for the misspelling guys.

Well another thing is the new controller I will be posting new shit so be patient but anyways the controller seems to me like it is optional its looks pretty good for those people that cant play with a steering wheel or pedals or shifters don't worry the new Forza 4 controller is all that. In one I'm really excited for this game cause i think that Forza 4 is the best racing game for the year 2012 the controller and the new features are amazing supposedly the people working on Forza 4 which one of the main spokesman which is DAN GREENWALT SAYS THAT THEY HAVE INVENTED OR CREATED this new and the only reason. I posted that in bold is because I'm excited because of the fact that this is real big in the racing slash gaming community. He says that this experience in both regular Xbox and Kinect will like another just buy the game and you will be not  disappointed.

I'm a racing fan and i know how to play this games so trust me when i say this is the best game you could play, if you like racing. You could play it for hours imaging you hop into a 450 Fearrai and before you drive it, you look at it in a 360 angle so close that damn bro you feel like you're really in it. Then you actually turn it on and hear the authentic engine noise, if you ask me that brand new and it seems like it should take the crown for being the best driving game of this year and 2012 cause the Kinect just makes it that good. So now i will live you with some badass footage enjoy and sorry for giving a half ass story but don't be a jimmy and let us know what you think?

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