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MX vs ATV Alive Review

By: Cinderkin May 23, 2011 | 6 Comments

Motocross games have been around since Excite Bike on the NES. Have these games really come a long way? Is MX vs ATV Alive worth your money or your time? Find out in the Exclusive Review!

MX games have been some of the most fun racing games since Excite Bike on the NES. With today’s technology the pixelated graphics of the old Excite Bike are long gone. Does the new MX vs ATV Alive game bring the fun or does it just suck? Find out below.




Let me first start off by saying MX vs ATV Alive has one of the worst career modes I have ever seen in a racing game. I have been a fan of the MX series for a long time, and I was truly disgusted when I went to the single player career. The reason being is that every single racing game ever in existence starts you off with a race or two, then as you win you progress further through your career. MX vs ATV Alive is the complete opposite of that. When you first start your career you have access to 4 races, 2 National, 2 Short Tracks, and 2 Free Ride levels. Which isn’t bad a first glance, but after you’ve earned the gold medal in all 4 races then that’s it. The only way to unlock more tracks is to increase your rider level / XP to 10 and then 25, which after getting the gold medals in the 4 available tracks my rider level was only 3. Meaning that you are required to either play online or replay the same 4 tracks numerous times. This is uncalled for, and absolutely ridiculous.  There are a total of 16 tracks, with 12 being National and 4 Short Tracks. That is a very small amount of races, and Supercross tracks are for some reason missing entirely from the game. Because of the poorly done career mode the game quickly loses any and all flare it had. THQ if you're reading this never force gamers to replay the same 4 tracks over 20 times just to unlock more tracks in career.

Game Modes:

With a lackluster career mode, all that is left is multiplayer local and online. On the local side of things you literally have the exact same options for races as you do in career. Meaning that if you haven’t reached rider level 10 or 25 in career or online then you will only have access to the same 4 races and 2 free ride levels. This is unacceptable, think about a time when you have picked up a new game from the store and a friend comes over or your sibling wants to play with you, you pop the game in and can play for hours. Imagine doing the same thing with MX vs ATV alive and only have 4 races to play? That is an unplayable experience; this isn’t NES days where you can only fit so many tracks into a cartridge. These are 8 gigs of space to work with. Online multiplayer is the same garbage as the rest of the game; you still only have access to 4 races. WTF? This isn’t even a game.


Usually I don’t devote an entire section to controls in games, but MX vs ATV is an exception. The control scheme is interesting in the fact that you control your rider with the left stick, and your Bike or ATV with the right stick. At first this is very difficult to use, but eventually you get the hang of it. There are stunts in the game like in most MX games, but there is nowhere in game a stunt list. The game just assumes you know how to perform the 30 plus tricks. I literally had to Google an online manual for this game just to do a backflip. That should never be the case!


The game looks decent to be honest, the tracks are ordinary, but the dirt on the track is one of the best visuals in the game. Every track looks different, and that is a good thing as does the track itself changes based on what line the riders are taking. The riders themselves all look the same, except for what gear they are wearing. The problem is that the different costumes all look the same during a race. You can’t distinct fully tell the difference which is unfortunate, because the game literally gives you tons of gear to put on your rider.  The character customization and the Bikes and ATV options are plentiful, but unfortunately aren’t needed.


The audio is hit or miss in MX vs ATV Alive. The music fits the game well, but there are so little music tracks that you hear the same songs over and over again. The engine sounds in the game are pretty great, you can hear the difference between using the clutch and hammering down on the accelerator. It’s exactly how it should sound. There isn’t much more to say about the audio, because it’s decent, but it doesn’t really change the fact that MX vs ATV Alive is bad.


I already explained that the online is the same trash as the career mode, but I didn’t go into detail. The online component is very bland and doesn’t offer much to this game. You can have up to 16 players racing at the same time which is nice, but if your rider level isn’t high enough you’ll only be playing those first 4 tracks. Even if someone who is a level 10 or 25 hosts a game at different tracks, you can’t participate until you’re a high enough level. This is absolutely terrible, no gamer should have to go through that just to play the game. You gain XP playing online, but you get less than you do in single player. You can play Ranked, Player and Private games, but even in Private games when everyone is ready to race you still have to wait 30 seconds before each race even starts.


I honestly hated this game. I can barely even call this a game; even though it’s cheaper than most titles it feels very incomplete. There are so little good things in this game that I can’t honestly recommend it to any gamer. It is a slap in the face for Motocross fans, racing fans, and gamers alike. MX vs ATV Alive makes you wish you weren’t while playing it. This is truly garbage and I’d rather play MX Unleashed on the original Xbox/PS2 than to play this game again.


Bottom Line: FLUSH IT!


MX vs ATV Alive

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