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Madden NFL 11 review

By: BatRastered Aug 11, 2010 | 7 Comments

Should you buy this year's Madden? Do you have last year's? Don't be a Jimmy!

Goukijones already covered the rip-off that is yearly CoD and Madden updates. I haven't bought a Madden game in 5 years though, so I figured I was due.

The presentation is more TV-style this year, which is nice, especially with the addition of my favorite announcer, Gus Johnson. Unfortunately they pair him up with Goukijones's least favorite announcer, Chris Collinsworth. The commentary is good, and the excitement of hearing Gus scream is not quite up to the real thing but still fun, though they do get repetitive from time-to-time.

The new gameflow playcalling system is great, instead of navigating through menus you can just hit "A" and have the coach call a play through your headset (he'll actually talk through your headset if it's plugged in). If you don't like the coach's call you can always audible out of it and you can scout the other teams and set your playbook up accordingly to get better playcalling too.

At the end of a game you can still replay any play, awesome. When you play a replay manually, you even get the epic NFL films orchestral score. (No John Facenda voice over though.)

Throwback? Throw it back! The game includes an AFL mode where you can play as the old AFL teams in the throwback uniforms and the screen has a sepia-toned film-grained look. They even use those NFL films scores again here and make the graphics look different. Unfortunately you're still using today's rosters and the logo on the middle of the field is inexplicably still the modern one. While the film look is cute for a minute it's annoying to play a game like that. Overall this mode is pretty worthless. I remember playing Madden on the SNES and being able to pick epic teams from the past (70's Steelers 80's 49ers, 90's Bills, even an All Time All Madden team if you wanted to pwn). Why can't I have that anymore? For a game that comes out every year, you'd think they'd have the budget. They're too busy putting Gatorade, Old Spice, Doritos, and Verizon ads in the game (I guess that makes it more realistic, no?).

Did I mention the rip-off? Wait, it gets worse. This year, if you want to play online, you have to enter a one-time code printed on the manual. That's right, used copies, which are already pretty worthless in the market due to new games coming every year, are now even more worthless as a user who buys this game second hand will need to pay an additional fee to play online. This is pure bullshit and greed on EA's part and this needs to stop!


Well, if you're like me and don't have the last two year's games, this is a great football game. Just make sure you buy it new. Amazon has it with a $20 credit towards a future game. If you have last year's game, this is quite skippable unless you're seriously into the online, in which case you bought this at midnight, so you don't care. Overall the rip-off factor is just too much for me this time: Flush It

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Madden 10 Review

By: hoho23 Sep 24, 2009 | 5 Comments

Madden's back. Is it just more of the same or did the big boys come out to play this year?

Football season has officially begun! So that only means Cheerleaders, booze, bbqs, tailgates, and of course the next installment in the latest Madden 10 by EA Sports.

I know a lot of people say the same thing every year about EA and the Madden franchise, that its the same game with a new coat of paint or roster shuffles or what ever the case. I'm here to tell you why  Madden 10 is the best EA has offered in years and possibly the best football sim ever (yes NFL 2k5 included).

The theme for this year is fight for every yard and rightfully so as all die hard fans know its a game of inches just ask the 1999 Titans loosing by just a yard. Of course a lot of the new additions are the usual new roster better graphics and animations as they should be every year. Its always great to play a match and see a new tackle or new catch animation that you've never seen. But back to the theme, with this theme they introduced the new Pro-Tak feature which simply is a "gang tackle" that up to 9 other AI offensive or defensive can join in on and either push the pile forward or back. But this new feature is great when going up against those tough to tackle Power-backs such as Brandon Jacobs and of course Adrian Peterson just to name a couple. This can be can extremely crucial if used right which can either stop the ball carrier in their tracks instead of letting them scamper for a TD. Don't think that this will make the "D" over powerd against the "O" some backs like the two mentioned previously or elite players can every once in a while break free of a two or maybe even 3 player gang-tackle and can lead to Huge plays!

Now to the gameplay where I think Madden has done a great job in making it feel more true to life than previous years is the gamespeed and feel of how players run and break in and out of their cuts. The game has been slowed down from previous versions and I think its one of the best things they could've done. The game now feels as if you were actually watching a game on a Sunday afternoon. I think the best thing that can be said is it play's more like a sim and less like a "arcadey" football game.

Now to the online portion of Madden. This year they've finally decided to go all out with the online franchise with up to 32 teams playing a season head to head for a chance to get to the Super Bowl. The differnce from this years and last years Madden online franchise is you know have a more robust options menu its as if you were playing a single player franchise will all the options trades, free agents, highlights, full stats you name it its there its the complete online franchise.

With that said I think this is the best Madden ever and the best Football sim ever as well. The game has been out for almost 2 months, if you love football and don't have this go get it it's awesome!


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