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No more "friend codes"? Well, the Wii-U just started to look a tiny bit better.

During an investor's conference, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed that the big N will have its own network for online play joining the likes of Sony's PSN and Microsoft's Xbox Live.

Some notes on Nintendo's plans:

Personal Accounts for Wii U - Nintendo will now allow personalized accounts for its next home console, which will allow multiple users per system. Online profiles will no longer be system-based. "We will also be able to construct and offer the [personal account system] by combining a variety of different services and content," Iwata said.

Digitally Distributed Packaged Software -Nintendo is exploring the idea of selling full retail games through the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The company is not willing to say when this program will start, but it now has the full ability to do so. Iwata noted Nintendo would need to consider retailer relationships first. He also noted SD card space limitations would be another factor. "The significance of this business field will increase," said Iwata.

Paid Downloadable Content - As we've heard previously, publishers will now be able to offer paid DLC for different games, starting with Square's Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, which will allow players to purchase new songs for the rhythm-based game. The title releases in Japan on February 16.

This sounds like the Wii U will have a full-on online system, but no mention of chat has me worried that they still don't understand the idea fully. Actually it sounds like they had to do this to support DLC, and they had to support DLC to get the big third party developers and publishers on board with their new system. What do you think?


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