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The Super Street Fighter 4 development team posted a few notes about the upcoming costume patch that will be available on October 26th.

Also, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has all but confirmed that SSF4 will be getting an Arcade Edition DLC update — which should come as a surprise to basically no one. And he likely offered another clue that more characters are coming, while dropping hints about other fighters that may not make the cut.

• SSF4 will auto update after you start it on Oct. 26, if you're connected to the internet — at least in Japan. Dates for other countries haven't been officially stated yet, but it should be around the same time.

• The development team warns that the patch is going to be a big download.

• If users do not purchase the new costumes, and you use one of them for your character, it will appear as one of the defaults [originals], you'll also get a message telling you the costume does not exist.

• On the Xbox 360, there will be a 'download catalogue' option to make the new outfits visible without buying them. The first three costume packs will be available for this mode on Oct. 26, and another download will be posted on December 21st which contains the last four packs. There was no word of this being available for PlayStation 3 users.

Here are Ono's most recent comments.

Good morning followers! I had conference with Capcom's president in the morning. This picture will express [the] result ;D

So Arcade Edition DLC was approved? Please say yes.

I can't say "Yes". ;D Please [look at] president's smile! It's all. ;P

If you get approval for SSF4 AE DLC will it be a 2011 update?

Ono: "If" ;P I get approval, we need development time. Please wait...

Wait, so, only Yun and Yang are new characters for the Arcade Edition?

Ono: Ummmmm, no comment... ;)  

Also, Yoshinori might have hinted that a couple of characters wouldn't be added into the game, as he's used the line "I don't have someone's phone number," or "I can't reach them," to imply that certain fighters wouldn't make the cut in the past, and may be doing so again here.

I'm from Africa. When is Elena going to come back from vacation?

Ono: I can't contact to her. Could someone tell me her phone number!?

Hey, do you have any way to reach Ingrid?

Oh! I lost Ingrid's phone number ;P


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