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MegaCon 2011 Picture Fin

By: reipuerto Apr 5, 2011 | 5 Comments

It was a fun convention! Best viewed on Chrome or FireFox!

It's been fun but here are your last pictures. Special news, there was a video done with me as Yun. A nice seven seconds of HD shots! :D

Enjoy these shots!


He's the video that I was in. I donated to the "Cosplay for a Cause", which cosplayer donated some money to help the victoms of the tsunami and earthquake relief. Please watch in HD!


Don't forget to check out the previous stories here;






Any favorites of yours? Let us know!



Megacon 2011 Picture Part Four

By: reipuerto Mar 31, 2011 | 3 Comments

We're almost home with the pictures! Can you find yourself?

What up Jimmies?

Will this third batch turn you into a cosplayer or make you want to attend these convention ever more?!

Tell and share us your favorite in this batch!

Don't forget, best viewed on Firefox or Chrome! >:D


In case you missed the first two batch of pictures and the video, check them out here;






Megacon Orlando 2010 Exclusive pictures

By: goukijones Apr 7, 2010 | 10 Comments

Jimmys choice photos. Steam Punk is the new shit.

Megacon Orlando 2010 Exclusive pictures by Rei Puerto.

122 pictures, 100 on the first roll and 22 on the second. They are in no particular order. So sit back and enjoy. There are some great costumes and some absolute horrible ones. The Rufus is dope. The Felecia is not. The steam punk is the new shit. All the puffy shirts and cool clocks on wooden crossbows. Tons of anime I don't recognize so feel free to tell me on the comments. Megacon 2010!


Can't see the Album 1-100?! Click Here!



Can't see the Album 101-122 Click here!



Megacon 2010 Exclusive video

By: reipuerto Apr 5, 2010 | 3 Comments

Mega full of what?

Hello everyone. Rei here with my first Megacon event in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center.

This convention is MASSIVE due to its style. It caters to anime, sci-fi, comic book, video games, and many more. The lines were long and massive in length, because to see a line just for the tickets takes about 47mins just to get in, it’s an achievement on its own.
With cosplayers not only limited to those of anime, sci-fi, and gaming, fans from T.V. shows were there too. Star Terk’s trekkies and Star Wars’ storm troopers too. A distinct style or theme was introduced to me called; Steam Punk. INCREDIBLE!! Cos-players ranged from ALL shapes and sizes, young and old, tall and small, normal to the very strange.
This convention is so huge, I honestly didn’t believe the whole ”You only see one person once, and you don’t see them again.” deal. But I was wrong. With the exception of the parents that sat in the corner, I didn’t get a chance to see the first group of cosplayers I ran into. I even looked through my friend’s pictures from Megacon and said, “ I never saw THAT person!!”. To me, it was like I was in a different convention altogether! Lol! The cosplayers were great, the attendees were nice, vendors making deals like crazy and the day flew on by.

I hope you enjoyed the video and my experience to a convention out side of Miami, peace!


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