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Peggle Review (XBLA) (PS3)

By: GreenFire999 Oct 17, 2010 | 11 Comments

Rainbows, Unicorns, And A Lot Of Achievements/Trophies

Have you ever wanted to go to a happier place full of peaceful creatures and beautiful scenery? Then Peggle is for you! Peggle is mini game for family and friends to play (It seems like a mixture of Pinball and Plinko from the Price is Right)

Story: I can't really say there is a storyline to this, but it does introduce the characters you unlock. You have to read it though =(

Controls: The controls are very easy to understand, the anolog stick is to move and "A" or "X" is to shoot off your silver ball of death.

Gameplay: Peggle is very simple, Just rack up as much points as you can. There are three different gameplay modes; theres Adventure, Master Duel, and Challenge. In Adventure mode, you get 10 chances to hit all the Red Orbs. Easy Right! WRONG! There will be many Blue Orbs blocking you from hitting them, and it gets really annoying. There is also Purple Orbs and Green Orbs, The Purple Orbs pops up once in every round in a stage and if you hit it, it gives you 2x as much points you would normally get in that round (Helpful in Multiplayer and Challenge mode). The Green Orb pops up 2 times in one stage and if you hit it, it gives you a special powerup (Each character has their own powerup). In Master Duel, its pretty much the same as Multiplayer except you are versing a CPU, 1 on 1 to get the highest score. In Challenge Mode, you have to hit all the Red Orbs and get as much points as possible to reach the score limit. That's where the Purble Orbs come in. This mode can get you to play this for hours, some are very hard and most are easy.


Multiplayer: There is not that many people who play Peggle these days other than Peggle fans or people who just bought the game. Multiplayer includes 2 different gameplay modes, Party Peg and Duel. In Party Peg, you will be versing at least 3 other people to get the most points in the end of the game with 10 tries (Easy to understand). In Duel, it is exactly like Master Duel except you are versing 1 on 1 with an actual person for the highest score.


- Pros: Great to play with friends who have the game.

- Pros: Great for people who are competitive.

- Cons: It gets frustrating after a while.

- Cons: It's only fun for a limited time.

Final Judgement: Peggle is a fantastic game for family and friends to play together. Many people enjoy playing it. it has also been one of the top most downloaded games on XBL for years. On Xbox 360 its 800 Microsoft points and on PS3 its $10.

From 1 to 10

I give peggle a 8.0

-Demo It-


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