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3D Japanese Idols

By: reipuerto Mar 28, 2011 | 8 Comments

View Japanese girls in 3D with your new 3DS?!

Hey Jimmies.

You knew this day would come. Julie Watai is a Japanese pin-up model and she's giving a reason to download her on your new 3DS.

Watai is a photographer and pin-up model decided to do a 3D "cheesecake" for FREE.
Chessecake-To look and admire.

So with this new photo editing, Adobe CS6 will most likely do a 3D add-on to make everyone show their junk in 3D and decent resolution too. But that's just a dream for now...

If your wondering where you can download her 3D work, just click here. It's toward the bottom of the page to see it.
Once you got the ZIP file on your computer you should open the file and copy the folder “DCMI”  into an SD card.  Then put the SD card back in the Nintendo 3DS and launch the photo application to view the gallery.


You can also check out, and see if you like anything else ;)

What do you think? Will this be a key feature for the 3DS? Let us know, down below!

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Instant Brain, camera, lights, panty shots..

By: DragonKiss83 Feb 19, 2011 | 14 Comments

I just came across the story and thought some of you might enjoy.

Anime girls + photography = probably not comming to the U.S.

[Editor's Note: Video was removed from YouTube.]

I think this would be huge with the right group, and in Japan it might not look so out of place.  We did have that Playboy game that was along the same lines, but anime kind of ends up in a special category. 

But it did get me thinking about all of the stuff that doesn't make it here.  We miss shows, games, movies, and music.  Given how fast people are able to find just about anything what is it that draws all these lines in the sand?

I myself watch subbed anime and movies and have found a lot of great stuff.  Then I look at the total crap that  is available here everywhere you look.  Jersey Shore is a great example, or how about the real Housewives?  I don't think I have any need to interfere in other peoples shit, but it really makes no sense to me.

Sorry to go on, but I think we have missed lots of great stuff, look at what happened with the Dragon Quest games and Final Fantasy.  Not that Instant Brain is on that level, but it will most likely be one of the countless games that will never hit our shores.


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