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Okay I understand it's good but how long is the game?

By: Celcarion Dec 7, 2010 | 9 Comments

Ever wonder if you should buy a video game but you realize you've got plenty of time and don't want to play something that will end too quickly?

As the title suggests, if you actually talk to your friends or brothers\ sisters or even classmates about video games. Then what i'm about to talk about has most certainly been considered into purchasing video games. How do we judge a game by length and if the game is short how do we convince people that it doesn't  necessarily mean it's a bad game and they are not going to get their money's worth?

It's a tough sale really with the cost of games it is absolutely understandable that one might feel swindled  if the adventure ends after 8 hours, that's usually the case about arcade games on XBL and PSN but what about actual " real " titles the major games the ones that cost considerably more? This issue plagues of course the single player genre, "if it doesn't include online hell i want the game to last me at least 100 hours!" Is what i hear mostly, DLC helps with adding content to a game but people are reluctant to spend even more money.

How do you people actually convince your friends to give the game a try, demo's can help but the question remains playtime and if the demo is way too short you'll have even less chance of talking your friends or family into buying the game.

I like to tell them about a game that changed my life, Grim Fandango. The game left such an imprint on my memory and loved every single second of it i honestly did not care about how long it took me to beat it what mattered is all the memories that i till this day carry with me and i consider Grim Fandango a true piece of art i have to hear only one song from Grim Fandango and it's Proust's madeleine all over again. Let me include a link for those who never played this game

So let me hear your thoughts on the subject any tricks you guys like to pull on your friends?


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