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Why I dislike the Razor Onza

By: goukijones Sep 18, 2013 | 2 Comments

It's short, but it's valid. Who makes a programmable controller, but makes it so it isn't entirely programmable.

There's a short list about why I don't like this controller, so prepare for some blithering blathering right now because I just want to get shit off my chest. I never had to real need for this controller, I've always just enjoyed the Xbox 360 controller. Recently tho ... I've been playing the shit out of the FFXIV as some of you may have heard. I broke out the Razor Onza (which was stuff in the back of the closet by BatRastered because he doesn't like it either) & planed to play FFXIV using it. 

At first playing the Final Fantasy I enjoyed the Onza, I liked the firmness of the sticks. But the more I played the Final Fantasy & it became more complicated I want to try to remap some of the buttons on the Onza. Specifically the second LB & RB's on the controller. Yes the LB & RB's are the extra button on the controller & they are completely unswapable. I wanted to use RB 1 are RB & RB 2 as LB1. Nope. Can't do that, that's just too much. That's the main reason of my disgust. 

I also don't like the buttons & the triggers are weak. BatRastered & I did not play with this controller that much for the left trigger to be misfiring. Both trigger just feel weak overall. I don't like them.

About the only thing this controller has going for it is dat firmness. I also like the placement of the Start & Select button. It's done tho, I'm back on a wired Xbox 360 controller & I love. The thumbsticks are made loose, but the triggers have dat firmness I like. Plus I can attach my big boy thumbstick add-on thingys. 

Don't be a Jimmy!

Thanks for reading. 


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