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Resident Evil 6 announced, already has a release date

By: BatRastered Jan 19, 2012 | 2 Comments | Updated: Apr 10, 2012

Operation Raccoon City isn't even out yet, but Capcom has announced the next Resident Evil in this video.

RE6 ships Nov 20, 2012

Oh my. Look at the detail and lighting graphics in this game. Oh wait, this is just a CG trailer. Otherwise the premise of this game looks fantastic. I can't wait to party up with this one.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Triple Impact Trailer

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Alternate costumes to a game not out. Let's see how cool or ridiculous they are!

Since Japan is in the future and they just got Resident Evil out there today, and North America gets it June 28th, here are the alternate costumes for the game.

What's or who's your favorite?

My favorite would have to be Jilli's original costume. Classic!

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WHAT HAPPNED TO MY HOUSE!? (A Resident Evil Tale)

By: starlordtitus May 18, 2011 | 5 Comments

What if...if you woke up to find your house like a Resident Evil puzzle filled mansion! NO ZOMBIES! Just your gamer parents decided it would be funny to renovate after their favorite zombie game series..

Jounal Belonging Edward Hendrick


Jan 27th 10:05 AM

I layed in bed, gently beginning to wake up. The sun gleaming through my window. I rose to a refreshing morning and began to walk towards my door to go to the bathroom.....but to my astonishment, my door was locked, but what had me dumb founded was that my door had a new lock and it was locked from the outside!! I began pulling and knocking on my door, asking if there was anyone there. I heard giggling in the hallways, "Hello?" I spoke out. "I really have to go to the bathroom!". No answer. I then notice the oddity of the door lock, it seemed somewhat familiar to me, though I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I then started looking around my room to see if anything else had be changed. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary, that was until I saw a red book on my desk. Titled "Learning From Our Mistakes". I opened it up, and from it's pages fell a lockpick. "A lockpick?" I thought. I looked at the door, the next step was obvious. I picked at the lock. It took about 5 minutes as it was my first time picking a lock! But I got it opened! I rushed to the bathroom. "Ahhhh +)"

Jan 27th 10:30 AM

I walked out of the bathroom after a much needed moment in there. I looked around and wondered where my parents were. The house was quiet. I was on the 2nd floor. I began to walk down the hallway and noticed a strange pile of clothes. Dirty laundry? I kept walking and found the laundry room door opened. I figured there was no point in having dirty laundry lying around stinking up the hallway so I put them in the washer. I didn't feel like doing laundry as I had questions stirring inside me that I wanted to ask my parents. On my way out of the laundry room, I noticed a strange new lever that hadn't been there before, I thought to myself, "Should I pull this??.......YES!". The lever activated a pulley system that in turn switched on the washer. Shocked to find this contraption in action, I walked towards the washer. Upon closer inspection, detergent had already been added to the washer. This was too strange I thought. Within moments, a compartment opened up on the side of the washer, inside was a key. "This IS weird." I thought. And kind of....familiar. I coudn't think of that right now, I had to find out what was going on and find my parents. Out of sheer curiosity, I took the key.

Jan 27th 10:54 AM

I decided to go down stairs to see if my parents were in the kitchen maybe eating some breakfast. But to my surprise, the door to the kitchen was locked! "You got to be kidding me." I thought. But I remembered I had that way. No way that key could unlock this door. I had to use it. *UNLOCKS* "I cannot believe this". Ok whatever, I walked into the kitchen, but no one was around. This is getting rediculous. I walked forward, on the kitchen table were plates, each one dirty. As I looked closer, I noticed there were was a letter marked on one of the plates. What did it mean? I looked at another plate, it too had a letter. I took all the plates and washed them clean in the sink. The letters when put together spelled out "CLEAN". What did this mean? I felt like I was wasting my time here. I decided to go to the living room and see if anyone was there.

Jan 27th 11:07 AM 

I came upon my living room. My cat layed on the couch relaxing. It was nice to see at least some kind of life in my house. Felt even a bit relieved for a moment. As I walked toward her to pet her, I stepped in something. I looked to the floor and found cat litter all over the carpet. "Aghh" I was a bit aggrivated at the sight. I decided to vacuum it. Upon nearly sucking up all the cat litter, I found a case. I opened it up and found a note inside. I unfolded the note to reveal a word. "HOUSE" read the note. That was all that was written in the note. Ok I thought this is down right creepy at this point. Why all this? Why random finds? I admit it was somehow fun and interesting. But the fact that my parents were still missing kept my worried. I decided to go  back up stairs to my room to find my cell and call them.

Jan 27th 11:28 AM

I walked into my room and began looking for my phone. I looked and looked but to no success. Where the hell was it? I wouldn't normally misplace it! Then I thought, for a moment, my parents would normally take my phone if I misbehaved, but what did I do this time? Whatever. I'm going to their room to look for it. I walked out of my room and across the hallways to the other side of the house. Upon arriving to their door, there was an 2 electronic locks with buttons on them. "What the [email protected]%# happened to my house!?" Enough was enough. It was bad enough to have to wonder through my house, dealing with all these random little problems just to move throughout the house!......wait, now this does sound familiar! o.O But it still didn't add up. I had to get into my parents' room. I looked and inspected both electronice locks. They were word coded. I thought to myself, "This can't be". I rememberd the the words I found earlier in the kitchen on the plates, and in the living room on the note found inside the case in the cat litter. Putting them together would spell out....."CLEAN HOUSE"! Are you kidding me? I entered the word "CLEAN" to the left electronic lock and then "HOUSE" to the right one. Both unlocked. I was ready for all of this to end. I opened the door to my parents bedroom!

Jan 27th 11:45 am AM

As I walked into my parents room, I was shocked to find both my parents on the bed laughing and pointing at me. I yelled out "What the hell is going on! Why is the house full of freaking contraptions! And why did you not answer me! I needed to go to the bathroom earlier!" My parents had the most gentle smiles. "Son" my father said. "You play Resident Evil all day long, never doing your chores" Then my mother says, "You never seem to listen to us and so we were forced to take away your phone for not doing your chores". My father goes on to say, "Only this time, we figured that the best way to get through to you, was to have you placed in an environment you would be most familiar with. You would end up doing your chores and thus be awarded the key or token needed to proceed on to the next area". My mother then says, "All your father and I wanted was for you to do your chores and you would have no trouble at all. I'm sorry we didn't open the door for you when you had to go to the bathroom, I was worried about that but your father saw it best for you work you way out of that one". I stood there in a moment of silence, trying to absorb everything they just told me, that they literally just put me in my own game and single handedly got me to do all my chores with out ever telling me once...

My father then speaks, "Son, we are proud of you, as you know, we are gamers too, and the fact that you solved the puzzles though out the house while doing all of your chores just shows us your ingenuity and resourcefullness that you picked up in the game :)" My my mother goes on to say, "Yes, and here's you phone, we are so proud of you :3". I look at them and simply say......"ARE YOU TWO OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MINDS!!!???"


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