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Live the daily life of a Police Officer.

Join the Brighton Police department. Investigate car accidents, hunt for criminals on foot and while behind the wheel. Bring justice to the city. Out now on Steam. Here’s the release trailer.

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Naming Characters Is where all your game time goes.

By: Brad_Ry Nov 11, 2011 | 4 Comments

The most time consuming thing for an RPG player.

Ok if you thought grinding on an RPG was the most time consuming thing around.  Think again.  What really consumes a player's time is naming things.  Naming things you say?  What is this I don't even?!  

In RPGs the most you get the option to rename is the main character.  Also the most simple.  Maybe.  But in many other RPGs heck generally any game.  They ask you to name the epic cool main character.  That's if the character is awesome....most of the time you find out the main character sucks compared to the epic lone wolf guy standing in the corner over there. Anyway.  

Its hard to decide on a name at times.  Most of the time you go with your name.  Cause you're cool and awesome and get to carry an oversized weapon that makes no sense.  (most likely its a sword).  But then when you name the character it sounds totally out of place compared to the area you start out in.  

Ex: I'm the somewhat nameless protaganist who lives in Japan...My name will be Brad!!! Last name Ry!!! Yeah I'm awesome......Next character met.....Hi my name is Mitsuro Kirijo!!! I'm clearly japanese.  (If you haven't figured out I just referenced Persona 3 then I kinda feel sorry for you.)

Oh I clearly sound like I came from America even though I was born in Japan in this game....well no worries. Nobody will pick up on this at all!!!! yeslaugh

Ok that situation is all too common. But what about this situation....You name yourself after the main character but in the long run you end up wishing you named yourself after SUPER AWESOME ASS-KICKING GUY #7 who just joined your party.  This must be because of one reason....the chararcter you named yourself after...yes is a crybaby, emo-loser, who doesn't deserve your great and all powerful name!

Ex: Well Tidus since you're clearly cool in every way and an awesome sports jock...You're name is now! Brad! *4 hours later Auron joins* OMG Auron you're clearly awesome!!! And these summons are far more awesome than this loser of a main character Tidus!!! I shoulda named myself after these characters!!! Now I can't change the names!(yep a FFX reference I don't care for the hate we all wanted to name ourselves after Auron at one time or another....males anyway.)

Well those 2 situations appear all too often for RPG players.  What about this one.  There's way too many characters and other things you can name.  If you've played a Disgaea game this situation pops up often.  Heck even a fighting game where you get the option to create a character....(Not to mention Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep giving you the option to name your finishing commands etc.)

Ok I'm a pokemon trainer...My name is already set.  Now that was easy even though I look like a generic character that over a million ppl also chose.  OH well what can ya do. Here's the problem....You caught all 6000 pokemon! (obvious exaggeration) Would you like to rename them?!  surpriseindecision Well.....#%[email protected]!!!!!  Let me decide on epic names for my party.  Go uh........give me about an hour.  *1 hour later* Ok your name is uh....awww dangit!!!!

Generally unless you don't care for names you just stick with default.....although if your playing to become ultra master god of the world at a game that everyone will quickly forget when the sequel is released.  You probably have clones of the same character in this regard and forgot to note who's who. Well I'll just name you training fodder 1,2,3,....

Its worse when it comes to naming attacks.  Although naming attacks is rather rare occasion.  But you want a cool name that you can scream out in the safety of your room without embarrassing yourself.  You don't really wanna borrow the name of some random attack you heard off an anime.  But you tend to do so anyway.  

This new attack is called "SERPENTS INFERNAL RAPTURE!!!" (Lol Blazblue)

Oh crap I totally stole that one will notice....."I did" -shot-

Ok so that didn't work. Lets combine the names no one will know!

EAT THIS!!! "Shinku Emerald Tyrant Rave!!!"  (SF + Blazblue + Guilty Gear LOL)

Hah you're so original!!! You combined attack names!!! 

Well that didn't work either....only one choice left......GOOGLE!!! Lets see what comes up after 3 hours of searching!!! Ok I got a really long list.....and I got some really "cool" (yeah right) names!!!! 

Ok my new attack is called "Terra Hawk Mane!!!!" (cricket sounds)  Shut up its awesome!!!angry

Sigh what do you think about renaming and making up names? Hard as hell or not?

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