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Bayonetta vs Ms Pacman.

By: PapaBear420 Feb 25, 2010 | 3 Comments

How far the video vixen has come.

What's up gamers, it's Papa Bear.  Let's talk about the vixens of the video game world for a bit.  I hate to date myself but I remember when Ms Pacman was the hot chick on the gaming scene, and who didn't try to save the princess in Mario Bros.  so he could get some in the tower as the credits rolled.

Let's take a look at the new hottie in gametown, and she goes by the name Bayonetta.  I haven't played the game, not interested but WOW she's hot.  I saw a trailer for it and I had to have my kids leave the room (it was private time.) I mean at one point her clothes come off and it looks like they kill you or something. Who cares I was just looking for butt crack in the scene. With the glasses and the lollypop, I mean this has got to be the sexiest vixen yet.

Sex has become the backbone of the video game industry. From Laura Crofts short shorts to pressing the right buttons to help Kratos in God of War not be a two pump chump. Sex sells, so now you do more then just  play baseball in a game, you can bang a blue chick. How far we have come indeed, I mean even SIMS get laid, fucking SIMS.

Let's face it it's only a matter of time. Asia is the leader in gaming and porn. You make the connection. Soon it won't be safe to touch your friends Wii remote. Think about that next time you touch that same friends computer keyboard (internet porn is free).  Not to mention Project Natal, that's going to be a virgins dry hump heaven. So this is a warning to all fellow parents in the future, KNOCK BEFORE YOU ENTER YOUR KIDS ROOMS because gaming is getting hot.


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