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The Epic Grandness Of Speed Runs

By: starlordtitus May 22, 2011 | 7 Comments

Dive into the incredible take on how we take a look at the ever entertaining speed runs. Learn what it takes to truly become an artist of speed running and see how some players have developed such incredible ability to defeat their favorite games!

Perhaps the most impressive show of skill in all players aside from becoming champion in a competitive game is the art of speed runs. Truly the word "art" must be used as gamers discover glitches as well as develop technique to defeat their favorite games with blinding speed and grace. But what does it take to really become that skilled? The answer, time. As basic as you can put it, if you have the determination and the patience, time is all that is needed to extract enough information about a game to discover a game's mechanics and what can be done and exploited.

Every game is written with different codes, set ups, frames, landscaping etc. But every game has one thing in common that speed runners use for the most part: glitches. Glitches are short-lived faults in a system, and in video games, they generally serve the purpose of being exploited to grant gamers actions they normally wouldn't be able to do. Such glitches include infinite money, or actions that allow the gamer to skip areas of a level. If a gamer can discover the glitches of a game, then the only thing left for him or her to do is perform trial and errors to develop skill to rush through the game to finish it as quickly as possible. Becoming creative is the key. Players have been known to break world records with such technique. 

In my opinion, it is a true pleasure and wonder to behold such a display of showmanship. I truly admire and value how a player can make a play through look flawless and precise as they speed run through with 2nd to none ability.

Here is one such an example of a classic game, Super Mario 64. Enjoy.

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Nintendo Celebrates Marios 25th By Showing Super Mario Glitches

By: akskiller Oct 16, 2010 | 8 Comments

Super Mario Bros. glitches you may or may not have seen.

Super Mario Bros. on the SNES had some had some glitches that are hard to forget. For example, the infinite 1-UP glitch is one piece of information that will never be erased from my and most everyone else' memory. However, there are a few glitches present in the classic game that may not have been so apparent.

To celebrate Mario’s 25th anniversary, Nintendo of Japan decided to highlight a few of these glitches in the form of a short compilation video.

So have you encounter any if not all these bugs? Let us know!


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