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#1 in the World!

Limited Edition GREY Gouki.com tshirt.   Only a few left!

$20 includes shipping & handling.  Or get it delivered in the Las Vegas area!

US Residents Only


Thank you for your support!

Only a limited number of shirts are left.

Only a limited number of shirts are left.


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New Gouki.com Shirt Available

By: goukijones Sep 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

New custom made Gouki.com T-shirts from Customistc of Las Vegas.

$35.00 + $2.99 Shipping & Handling

Jimmy?! Why are you charging $35 for a such a Jimmy ass shirt? Well I'll explain; they are made to order, custom vinyl shirts. NOT SCREEN PRINT. These shirts will last you decades. Just so I'm completely transparent with you, these shirts cost $30 to make. $5 extra goes to support Gouki.com & the $2.99 is to the cover the shipping costs. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. 

Check out Customistic.com for more info about the Vinyl application process.

Thank you for your support.

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Win a Gears 3 Beta Tester Shirt for Sharing Your Thoughts

By: Phresh May 17, 2011 | 8 Comments

If you give Epic your thoughts on the Gears 3 Beta, you could possibly win a free shirt.

If you go here, you can leave a comment about how you felt about the beta. I couldn't get the link to work cause I think it's been overloaded. Here's the closest I can get you. There's 3 t-shirts up for grabs and they say theres more oppurtunities for more. There's also over 1900 comments on their page now as of this posting.

The shirts based on Cole's Jersey and it's free to enter so why not? And honestly, I don't think you have to prove you even played the beta in the first place.

Check out the winner of the first ever Gouki.com Mascot Art Contest. There are some honorable mentions and a bonus prize. Check out the new shirts and order one! Don't be a Jimmy!

Grand Prize Winner MilkyPink 

Thumbs Up Jimmy!

Thumbs Up Jimmy

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