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Choke's Choice for HIS Street Fighter x Tekken Team

By: choke Feb 14, 2012 | 5 Comments

My Team

So I already knew who one of my two characters was months ago.   The moment I heard they were in the game, I knew.

Poison.   Duh.   SAY NO TO PROP 8!   Plus Jimmy will be ultra distracted during gameplay.

The 2nd member was a process.   

1.  Eliminate all Tekken characters because Tekken is awful.

2.  Eliminate all ShotokoKONNONWNONK characters because .....  well, there's no explanation needed really.

3.  Eliminate Rufus because Rufus along with Hakan are the worst designed Street Fighter characters in history.   I'd rather play Gil


This leaves

Abel (potential)

Balrog (Not a fan of his moves typically)

Cammy (I like the Poison/Cammy combo with the whole Interpol teams up with NYC Tranny Police Department, but in the end, just not really a fan of playing Cammy in previous games)

Chun-Li (never been a fan of her moveset)

Cody (I can't have a former lover of Poison's on her team.  I need new love)

Dhalsim (if you've ever seen me play Dhalsim, this is self explanatory)

Guile (Hm, maybe, though I tend to like to play characters that are a little against the grain. )

Guy (I'm assuming Cody shared with Guy.   Too much history.  Though teaming someone named GUY with Poison is kinda hilarious)

Hugo (360 Characters are a no go for me.   if a move requires more than 180 degrees, I'm fucked.  I'M GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT)

Ibuki (too combo dependent.  I can't do any combo that is longer than 2 hits)

Juri (too many moves.  I need characters who have 3-4 moves max.  Not ones where you hold a button then jump around and do other things then let go of a button.   WUT)

Bison (there's something appealing about this teamup.   Potential)

Rolento (like the sound of this)

Vega (nah, havent enjoyed playing him since SFII Championship.  Dont expect that to change now)

Zangief (see Hugo)


So final 4 are Abel, Guile, Bison, and Rolento.

I'll probably end up trying all of these as a combo.   Abel since I have some more recent familiarity with using his character (poorly, to boot).



The kinkiness that will ensue......



Tekken X Street Fighter Hasn't Been Started Yet

By: Cinderkin May 11, 2011 | 12 Comments

With Capcom's SFxT coming sometime early next year, and a ton of footage being shown, gamers are anticipated more news on Namco's TxSF. Well we have some good news and some bad news. Check it out.

Tekken X Street Fighter is still on the back burner for now, while Capcom hammers away on developing Street Fighter X Tekken. "Tekken X Street Fighter, we really haven't started on that yet," Harada told Eurogamer.

Tekken X Street Fighter is slated in pencil for 2012. That was the Bad News.

The Good News is that they are working on Tekken: Blood Vengeance, a feature-length CG movie based upon the cinematic intros of Tekken 5 and 6. It has been in development since January 2010 and is scheduled to release this summer.

Harada stated that the movie doesn't have anything to do with that awful Live Action Film: "That doesn't have anything to do with it this time. We're not trying to rewrite those wrongs. Fans are always asking us for a 3D movie. This is our response to them... We want to make a movie that everyone can enjoy, though. Not just Tekken fans."

The movie is to be presented in full stereoscopic 3D and will tell a story that runs parallel with the events of Tekken 5 and 6. Check out this trailer for the upcoming CG movie.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!


Story Image

Ryu vs Kazuya LIVE ACTION!!!!

By: Cinderkin Aug 19, 2010 | 7 Comments

Live Action Fighting At Gamescom. Special Guest Joins The Fight!


Check out the Video Here



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