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Test Yourself: Psychology hits PSN today

By: iorilamia Mar 9, 2011 | 7 Comments

Your very own psychologist for$ 2.99! Well, not really a psychologist, but whatever.

Basically, Test Yourself:Psychology (TYP) is a system where you go through a series of tests involving questions, sound, motor skills and reactions etc. The game monitors your progress ( you even get trophies) and reviews things such as your nervous sytem, giving you basic ideas on what motivates you, or challenges you.  You get to interact with it, changing your outcome depending on your mood or sensitivity at the momment , which makes it interesting. The game will be released in a series of packs, the first pack released is "Nervous System and Intellect" for $2.99. New "block tests" will be released monthly for downlaod. It is stated that players who complete all 12 blocks will have a full psychological understanding of themselves. But what makes this more serious besides your daily Horoscope? Playstation Blog states that this system is

"serious scientific product developed by a team of professional psychologists and counselors. The product’s affordable price is part of an effort to support increasing public interest towards psychology"

Check out the video below to see what its like. I think it's a pretty cool idea, something not too bad to throw a few bucks into, but if all the packs cost money, I'm not going for it. Leave your thoughts in comments below :D

Source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/03/08/testyourself-psychology-hits-psn-today-will-reveal-full-psychological-portrait/

Video uploaded by http://www.youtube.com/user/RecSpecReno

Test Yourself: Psychology

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