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Let me ramble about a game I totally blew up for 80+ hours and then 1 day, totally forgot about it.

Fast travel ruined the game for me. I found no sense of adventure or journey when I could just warp to wherever I wanted to go. Granted there's some adventuring out, but you're never too far from any civilization and if you're on a house or a rock, you're unstoppable. Without fast travel though, you'd be doing a lot of walking. Hey, then at least it would feel as massive as it looks.

The graphics are just fine. Pretty solid draw rate and there could be a lot of magical explosions and dragon fire breath happening on the screen at the same time. The Xbox 360 has peaked for sure.

The leveling up is one of the my favorite things about Skyrim. I think it is a brilliant system. You need to level up individual stats to level up overall. Lockpicking, archery, enchanting, there's like 20 different minor classes you can level. Each one of those classes has different perks you can level up. I leveled up one handed weapons, duel wielding style. I would murder stuff. That got boring. Magic seems to be the most difficult to start to level, but high level stuff is PWNn.

I started the game on normal and that may have been the major contributing reason to why I didn't enjoy the Skyrim. Dragons didn't stand a chance against my companion and whatever random animal I would take control of in the area. I could just watch. My character was way over powered after level 10. I don't know how much different it would have been on the next higher difficulty, but I wonder. I probably would have just had to play a little slower. Speaking of trying to slowdown my gameplay, there were times where I stopped leveling up. When I finally did it at one point, just to get my health bars replenished, I went up 4 levels. I also leveled my smithing to 100, just to make dragon armor. Then I didn't even wear it because it slowed me down and made a lot of noise. My Jimmy ass companion had the sweetest armor now.

There's a ton of stuff to do in Skyrim and you can walk into any direction you like to find adventure. Then you can just warp back. Enjoy the load screens. What killed the Skyrim for me was when the patch was released recently that said it was going to fix all sorts of things. I never installed Skyrim to the HDD because everyone said it would crash more if it was. I read the patch would fix things, like the draw rate, the dragons not decomposing or passing souls. I never had any of those issues, UNTIL after I installed the game and downloaded the patch. I've got a huge problem with these major game companies that don't test game properly, that don't have servers prepped for the public, that can't patch their games correctly and immediately. I give Skyrim a Rent it!



Pro Gamer FnJimmy's E3 2011 Preview Special

By: fnjimmy May 28, 2011 | 7 Comments

FnJimmy returns for his yearly installment. E3 2011 Preview Special. FnJimmy takes a look at over 25 games going to be at E3 this year and offers you his exclusive take on each game.

That's right, I said Pro Gamer. I've played more games than you cans ever use your imagination. E3 2011 is looking intense and it's no joke. Make sure you follow me I'm going to be wreckin' shop in L.A.

Pro Gamer FnJimmy's 2011 E3 Preview Special

Ha ha suckers!


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