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Remember people this is a prequel to the video games featuring a young Drake & Sully.

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Uncharted Gameplay on NGP (PSP2)

By: jalexbrown Jan 28, 2011 | 10 Comments

New gameplay video courtesy of Gamespot. Verdict: ???

Uncharted has been perhaps the most popular IP under Sony's exclusive belt, but it's remained on the PS3 with no hint as to rather or not we'd ever see a handheld version - until now.  With the new NGP (PSP2) announced and a slew of cool new features (one of which isn't the alleged $300-$350 price point), it comes as no surprise that Sony would finally unwrap what is perhaps their biggest secret so far this generation: Uncharted NGP.

My personal impression after watching the video is that the gameplay looks really nice.  There are some features that I can't believe anyone wants (using a rear touch pad to climb up a vine?!), but a lot of it looks to use the new NGP features in a way that will actually make the game cooler.  I'm especially digging the accelerameter approach with the scope, which makes me think that the NGP has long-term potential with any number of FPS franchises (Killzone NGP, anyone?).

Although it was somewhat hard to tell, my impression is that the graphics will be fantastic.  If you thought the 3DS looked good for a handheld, this is a whole new breed.  I'm not sure about claims that the NGP will be able to produce graphics as good as the PS3, but what we're seeing definitely seems to be closer than I would've imagined.

Impressions?  Thoughts?  Be sure to give your feedback.


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