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The New WORLD...of warcraft

By: de bad shot Dec 4, 2010 | 16 Comments

The Shattering has hit, whats the big deal?

Well for those of you jimmys that never played World of Warcraft your simply missing out, and the guys at Blizzrd have made it MUCH easier for you to get into and hooked on WoW. The new expansion pack Cataclysm comes out on the 7th and with this one the guys at Blizzard have listen to all the jimmys have had to say over the years and have made MANY MANY and MANY MORE changes and improvments to the world and the characters. It may come out next week but Blizzard has already changed alot of the game with a event called the shattering which came out for free about 2 weeks ago.

To start off the world has changed. The whole point to this expansion is that some jimmy ass evil dragon called Death Wing has broken free of his prison under a mountain and wants to rape the whole world with fire. Now when this evil jimmy broke free he fucked up the whole world and caused all kinds of shit. So in short the world has changed forever. With all the areas changed they offer new and better thought out quests. Not just go here kill these or gather this. Since blizzard was changeing the world they desided to address alot of issues people had with the old world. Im not going to go into all that shit because i would be typeing for weeks, but its safe to say they have made things better and prettier.

Now the big thing this new expansion offers are the 2 new races. For the Horde they get Goblins. Goblins are small little green fucks that love money, they by far have the better race shit than the other new race. That new race is the Worgen for the Alliance. Worgen are werewolfs, evil ass looking werewolfs (why they are alliance ill never know) but other than looking cool they dont get much else. The other big changes are the level cap has been raised to 85 and you can use your flying mounts in the old world now. They also added a new secondary profession Archaeology, in which you go around digging up shit and thats about it.

Some of the little things they did change that ill let you in on will help to explain whats up in warcraft these days. First off the guys at Blizzard have added a new class choise for every race, in the old days a Dwarf could never be a Shaman, and a Tauren couldint be a Paladin. Those days are over. So ya every race gets a new class BUT all classes got changed around alittle and the talents are a totaly new ball game. You get less talent points now but they made it more of a role thing so u wont have these jimmys that have allittle of everything that really have nothing and are good for nothing. They also changed all the spells and skills, instead of having ranks and shit and having to waist all your gold on that quere shit they made it so you buy a spell once and it gets better with your level. Probably the best little thing they changed was the Hunter, now that faggot wont be useing mana but will instead have foucus much like a Rouge, ALSO no more ammo for hunters.

Some of the new features that they did was a total overhaul of the Looking For Group system. Now it works cross server so your dealing with EVERYONE who plays WoW, not just the jimmys on your server. Which speeds shit up 10 fold. If PVP was your thing (thats Player vs Player) they got rid of all those stupid marks from all the battlegrounds and just simply replaced it with honor, FAR BETTER WAY OF DOING IT! they also added 2 new battle grounds. This next deal i have no clue what its deal is or what kind of shit you get for it but there is a guild ranking deal now. I guess you get shit when your guild gets better and better.

Theres tons of shit they added and tons of changes they did, all i can say is this is the best World of Warcraft expansion to date. It might not offer a whole new continent to explore like the other 2 befor it BUT it dose change the whole world and gives you a new shit to find and do. 

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Confessions of a WOW-AHOLIC

By: iguapo Apr 6, 2010 | 4 Comments

The sad confessions of an addict, that doesn't want to quit...

Aw shit...I did it again, its 6am and I'm still up. My eyes are bloodshot, my nose is running, my hands are shaking...The only thing that will make me feel good is just one more its not cocaine, or heroine, something that would be less addictive then what I'm on! It's World of Warcraft, and the one more hit that I'm craving is to run one more dungeon, or level up.

Ok so I'm not that bad, but I can say with no shame that this game is almost like having a second job, or some may call it an addiction. I say nay! to all the haters and shit talkers! WOW is one of the coolest and fun games that I have ever played in my life. Why is that you may ask? Well...

First of all the game starts out very simple and then grows as you do. The main premise of the game is to create a character and to level him/her through various quests, and accomplishments. Later on you can run dungeons or raids (A dungeon with 10/25 people.) Why run these? For the precious LOOT! Oh how we love getting a new piece of armor or a new weapon. These give us the ability to enter higher dungeons to get even better gear, and so on.

Once you reach level 80 which is currently the level cap, then the game actually begins. You gain access to many awesome and challanging dungeons that are filled with cool bosses, that all have a different way to kill, that must have teamwork in order to succeed. Once you kill a boss he drops loot, if it's a rare item you choose greed if you wanna sell it and you roll dice, but if your character can use it as an upgraded weapon/armor then you roll need for it and that gets priority over greed. All who rolls need and the highest number on the dice wins. Yes! My gear score just went up!!

The teamwork is a lot of fun in this game. To properly run a dungeon you have 5 people/ The leader is the tank who's job is to collect all the aggro from the enemies, Then you have 3 DPS or damage per second, they only attack the enemies. Then you have the healer who chills in the back and heals the party.

Alright I may have bored you to death and I could go into all the professions, and all the other things to do but I'd really lose you then! I love this game and belong to an awesome guild! I play with marines, stoners, hot chicks, Moms, Dads, and people like you and me. We talk on mikes through a program called ventrillo, and I promise you its some of the best times I've ever had. I wrote this article to try to give a little insight of the fun of this ever evolving game. The world is alive and is never the same due to BLIZZARD constantly changing the game, and adding content. Shit for 14.99 a month they better do something!

Hey with all honesty, I ask that you try it, there's a reason why 11 million people play it. Top 10 celebritys that do? 10-Dave Chappelle, 9-William Shattner, 8-Mr you didnt know by now, 7-Verne Troyer, 6-Kevin Warbach....Who?  one of President Obama's assistants. 5&4-Matt stone , and Trey parker, 3-Jay Mohr, 2- Macaulay Culkin...Douche, 1-Mila Kunis...Yeah unless you're a Turd Burgler then you know how hot she is. Come join us...

World of Warcraft on sale now!

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World of Warcraft Might Just Be the Glitchiest Game Ever

By: jalexbrown Sep 18, 2009 | 3 Comments

According to a report from Blizzard, the mega-popular MMO is littered with glitches galore.

According to (and also discussed to some length at the Game Developers Conference), Blizzard is reporting that World of Warcraft is plagued with almost 180,000 glitches that they're tracking.  What that means in layman's terms is that there's almost 180,000 problems with the game that are either fixed, being fixed, or not yet in the process of being fixed.  Unfortunately Blizzard didn't give a breakdown of where these glitches stand, but given the immense number of patches that have been released - and certainly the almost certain prospect that a ton more will be on the way - I'd say a good number of the glitches are in some stage of being fixed or being worked on.  However, each new expansion pack is bound to breed a whole slew of new glitches in the process of fixing the old.

Is it surprising that World of Warcraft is plagued with that many bugs, or is it more surprising that Blizzard would come right out with such a staggering number?

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