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My Halo Story: The boy meets the Halo Experience

By: GROTON23 Aug 7, 2010 | 9 Comments

Halo 3. The first game that I have bought for the xbox 360. It truly created its own road that had shaped my past, to this present, and the nearby future to come.

The Past:

As i left the best buy store with my new xbox 360, at first, it intentionally was bought to satisfy my simple need for entertainment. However, from my first experience with a halo 3 matchmaking game, I soon realized that it is more entertainment than my brain, at that time, could've ever fathomed. This new experienced had revolutionized the feeling I had once called fun. With this new knowledge of entertainment, I told everyone about this incredible machine known as the xbox 360 with, of course, the most important tool of all, halo 3. As I realized people from school had this wonderous device, I became friends with people I used to never talk to. My variety of friendships throughout the school has not only increased, but has strengthened our bonds we share along with countless memories we've enjoyed because of halo.

The Present:

Playing great years of halo 3 with my friends, I couldn't wait for the long lasting sequel, halo ODST. We couldn't wait for another great spark that had came from playing halo 3 and new experiences that we would share in ODST. My heart almost came to a stop as I put the new game in the xbox. When I saw the intro to ODST, I joined the party with my friends and played a game of firefight before knowing the new controls. As the spark was created again, I said my first words in the party, wow. Come May, it was the day everyone was talking about at school. The halo reach beta was coming out. I rushed home from school and went straight to my xbox. This was perhaps the biggest event in xbox history. As my download for the halo reach beta ended, the rush came through my body once more. Excited as hell, I played through the days of the beta  with amazement. Thoughts came through my head of such an awesome game this will be when this comes out. However, a sad thought I realized came up when  I was owning someone in a free-for-all game, this is the ending point of the halo experience.

Glad memories to come...

As I write this story about my halo experience, I wish the pro gamer who is reading my story to think back at your first time when you got the xbox 360 and think about how it positively changed your life. Whether your a kid or an adult, the xbox 360 brings happiness to the customers who has bought their games and has changed my life greatly for the better. I thank bungie for creating such a series of awesome games and creating the best game of all, halo. As my halo experience comes to a close, I will always remember the happiness you've brought me and regret nothing through playing halo. I can't wait for halo reach =).

Thanks bungie and gouki for this opportunity.    

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