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I play video games, a lot. I'm currently playing mvc3, ssf4 and SCV. I hope to play more fighting game in the future.



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  • The more I see of Juri on makes me want to play SFxT... Feb 24, 2012
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Street fighter x tekken entry

By: Shadowwalker Feb 21, 2012 | 4 Comments

This is about my character choice for sfxt. I couldn't decide between Street Fighter or Tekken. I always use characters with fireball and rush down style, since I also play a mixed style depending on my health and opponent. I hope my choices mesh well.

Of all the choices I've seen so far, Poison feels and looks like a character that would play with my style of gameplay. Now not to be character fanboy, but I don't think I could play without Juri in sfxt. I just like the way she played in Super and has interesting mixups with how her super and ultra were contrasted. Juri and Poison's zoning tools look awesome in sfxt and both have decent to great normals(from what I've seen so far). I hope their cross assault mode combo work well together because they are and will be my team in the future.

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