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Help out with a bid. We're trying to raise some cash to get across the country to our new Office building. Thank you for your support. Tower is moving to a bigger Office building. So we decided to do a fund raising auction of some of our more unique items we still have around the Tower here. Like a Sega Genesis and Sega CD with 9 games and a Fight Stick! Also there are huge titles from our Nintendo Wii collection of games. The top 2 Jimmys who have the high bids on any Nintendo Wii game and leave a comment on this story will get a bonus Nintendo E3 2009 Lanyard. Halo Legends blu-ray in a Tin Case collector's edition. 2 Different versions of Final Fantasy XI which also include a special offer for Jimmys. Check out the links below.

All of the items have a $1 starting bid!!

Check out the Ebay store? Click here

Top 2 high bids and users who leave a comment on this story will also receive an exclusive E3 2009 Nintendo lanyard.

nintendo e3 lanyards

Super Mario Galaxy 


The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

Halo Legends blu-ray 

Sega Genesis & Sega CD complete system

9 games, Arcade Stick, 2 controllers, Original plugs and cables


Sega Genesis $ Sega CD complete system in good condition. Everything works it was tested today with the Cliffhanger game. A friend of mine gave this to me a couple of years ago, it was his when was a kid. I took it on trade and I haven't used it, so I'm putting it on Ebay.

It will come with one original controller, a second controller from Smart 16 *see picture, and an Official Sega Arcade Stick. Also the original Sega power packs and Sega RF adapter. This set includes 9 games;

Golden Axe for the Sega Genesis - Original Box, manual and poster!

Tomcat Alley - Original jewel case and manual. All video action, Full-screen interactive movie, Jet fighter combat!

Cliffhanger - Original jewel case and manual. Radical 3-D Snowboarding levels feature real-time scaling!

Iron Helix - Original jewel case and manual. A deadly war game gone awry...

Dune - Original jewel case and manual. The weird creepy movie is now a weird creepy game.

Surgical Strike - Original jewel case and manual. Seek and destroy! Choose your weapon! Pepper terrorist snipers with a 30mm gattling gun or fire laser-guided rockets to take out enemy tanks with pinpoint accuracy.

Starblade - Original jewel case and manual. Geosword. Geosword Execute operation Starblade! Planet Red Eye must be destroyed! Repeat. Planet Red Eye must be destroyed!

After Burner III - Original box and manual. The next great action-flying game ... only on Sega CD!

Prize Fighter - You trade punches with live fighters! The first all-video boxing game! 

Mirror's Edge messenger bag

I got 2. Thanks Gamestop. This will go great for you cosplayers. Any super fan of Mirror's Edge should own this item. It's very cool, it has 6 extra pouches on side that have two different latch types. For style.

High bidder and user who leaves a comment on this page will also receive this extremely beautiful mini wall scroll of Squall from Final Fantasy XIII. Jimmy! 

squall mini wall scroll

Final Fantasy XI Vanadiel Collection 2008 

Final Fantasy XI Includes Wings of the Goddess expansion pack 


Leave a comment or a question. Thanks for bidding.


Jimmy seal of approval Jimmy Gem Winner

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Release Date: May 18, 2009

Buy it! 40 % - Rent it! 55 % - Flush it! 5 %

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