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Prey 2 Officially cancelled, not delayed

By: BatRastered 10:12 PM (11 hours ago) | 2 Views | 0 Comments

Well, now it's official...

Yup, it's really cancelled. After 2 years of denials abou the status of this project, Bethesda confirms in a CNET interview at PAX Australia.

GoukiJones and I had seen some impressive demos of this game and were looking forward to its (eventual) release.



Thank you to all the played & contributed the day of the tournament.

Congratulations to Rasta for winning the tournament.

Shout out to JoeJoe for going all the way & being true sportsman.

Hope to see you both again on December 6, 2014 for Madden 15 PLAYOFFS!? PLAYOFFS?!?!


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EvilMrWizard Tweets: EVO returns to Bally's July 17-19 in Las Vegas, NV

By: goukijones Oct 28 (2 days ago) | 7 Views | 0 Comments

The biggest fighting game tournament in the world returns to Bally's in 2015.




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Mario Kart 8 DLC Excitebike track is different every time

By: goukijones Oct 28 (2 days ago) | 8 Views | 2 Comments

Is anybody more excited for this DLC than me?

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PRO7OTYPE VS tG|DTB MNO #FMIWT Street Fighter Tournament 10/21

By: goukijones Oct 27 (3 days ago) | 13 Views | 0 Comments

This is GRAND FINALS. Live from GameWorks Las Vegas every Tuesday. #FMIWT hosted by

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