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Release Date: Dec 16, 1990

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During game play the player fills the role of the 'Master', a powerful being awakened from a long sleep to find the civilizations of his former world in shambles. Through a combination of side-scrolling action stages and overhead-view "god" simulation mode the Master slowly rebuilds his world and regains his followers and powers. He is not referred to as a deity of any kind, and it is stated in the manual that he is mortal, and this is the reason he hid away from the demons he was fighting when he had just enough power to seal himself away and wait them out.
To begin rebuilding each civilization, the Master descends from his sky palace and inhabits the body of an ancient gray statue. The lifeless statue turns into a strong male warrior of human form wielding a sword. He uses his sword to fight through a side-scrolling level with various monsters and hazards. During each level the warrior can pick up power ups contained in strange statues which can have many effects which vary from refilling life to empowering his sword to fire projectiles. At the end of each stage the warrior must battle a more powerful boss monster. To help him the Master has a life bar which can be extended by gaining more followers. He may also gain access to magical spells which can generally kill normal monsters quickly or deal large amounts of damage to boss monsters. The defeat of the end-boss opens up a new section of the overhead-view world.

One of the side-scrolling stages, showing a boss battle against the manticore on the town of Bloodpool
The overhead-view simulation mode involves protecting and guiding the Master's new civilization towards prosperity. The first two humans in each population are sent to the Earth by the Master and enter the temple, an ancient structure which acts as the central hub of the civilization. This portion of the game play requires the player to take actions that encourage the growth of the population, such as instructing the people where to build roads, houses and farmland. The Master controls his servant, Angel, a cupid like creature with a halo, small wings, and a bow and arrow. Additionally the Master has access to miraculous powers such as the ability to summon lightning, rain, sunlight, wind or earthquakes. The Master uses these miracles to clear obstacles such as rocks and snow, kill monsters, or assist the people in various ways (such as summoning wind to power windmills). While the Master watches over the people they expand the civilization by building homes (which range from tents to large houses) and special buildings (such as farms or windmills).


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Does anyone else want an ActRaiser remake?

By: goukijones Nov 20, 2010 | 5 Comments

For those of you who don't know ActRasier is a cross between Zelda II and Sim City. I was totally in love this game. ActRasier is a great example of a game that should have an Epic remake. Let's go Sqaure Enix.

This game always pops in and out of my head so I thought I'd write this story about it. ActRaiser is an old school game on the Super NES. It was developed by Quintet and published by Enix, now Square Enix. The gameplay is city management with a little bit of monster house cleaning mixed in. There's side scrolling dungeon crawling action with really cool boss fights, that is kind of like Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Then you have the Sim City aspect of the game where you develop towns and villages. You must appease your followers and they will shower you with gifts or shun you for being a nuab.

The games graphics and design were ahead of it's time I believe as I watch videos of this game now. The idea to mix these two genres together is gold itself. All of the monsters in the combat levels are different and distinct. The levels themselves offer a ton of variety from, deep dark dungeons to open sand dunes and flying through the clouds. The bosses are also really cool. I could totally see this game transitioning into a modern remake easily.

The music in the game is also another stand out. Acclaimed video game music director Yuzo Koshiro, famous for music from Streets of Rage, Ys series, old school Shinobi and other classics did the soundtrack. I could just rock out to the soundtrack. Actually I did, while uploading some videos today to youtube, I watched the entire speed run series from youtube user bigboss643. It's not him in the video playing, but he gives credit to the Jimmy who is. Check out these videos below and let me know what you think. I would totally play a God of War esque remake with some Sim City 4 city management action built it. 

ActRaiser Speed Run Part 1

ActRaiser Speed Run Part 5

youtube user description: This is a speed run for ActRaiser on the Super Nintendo. I did not do this speed run. I got it from I got it for all those ActRaiser fans out there, and non-fans alike. So please don't accuse me of copyright infringement, or plagiarism. Enjoy. - Check out the entire speed run on his channel.

Let me know what you think. Could this classic be remade into a modern day treasure?


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