Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

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Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

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Release Date: Sep 7, 2010

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A mysterious artifact called the Tablet of Order and Chaos gets shattered into four pieces, creating problems with reality. A mystic within the Amazing Universe, who is confirmed to not be a current or former Sorcerer Supreme, will tell Spider-Man how he can fix this, by going into four different dimensions, get help from the different Spider-Men in each dimension, and recover the tablet fragment in each. The game will feature appearances from characters such as Kraven the Hunter and Noir versions of Hammerhead, Green Goblin, and Spider-Man.


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$40 free shipping out the door tomorrow. Don't be a Jimmy. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions for $40 and free shipping. Plus the code to unlock Scarlet Spider costume and also Spider-Man phone decals

September 14 2010 at 4pm PDT Gouki.com will be selling direct to you, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. For $40 you get our review copy of the game, which includes access to the Scarlet Spider costume and you will also get some Spider-Man phone decals we got from San Diego Comic-Con. Bonus! Free Shipping from USPS and you can track it. 

I hope you get your monies worth. Gouki.com did with their Golden Video review.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions for $40 Free Shipping and bonus items.

Gameplay footage includes: Spider-Man smashing into a wall, stuck falling in the sky for 5 minutes, swinging from nothing and getting shot. Funny.

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Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Spider Man Shattered Dimensions

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