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Modders on Halo Reach. I have not seen anything like this since Halo 2. The Jimmy is jumping super high and killing us with 1 shot, using the AR. Running super fast and jumping the length of the map. Edited for time.

Last week Bungie banned like 15,000 Jimmys. Hackers, boosters, modders, alleged cheaters. Whatever, Bungie is on top of the situation. I was just having a conversation with BatRastered this afternoon, that Bungie was doing an excellent job Banning the cheaters. The Banhammer has come down twice since launch and soon will become self aware, like Skynet.

"With each Banhammer swing the mass proclamations of profound innocence become more and more entertaining, and with each subsequent smack down the Banhammer becomes more and more addicted to the delectable taste of booster blood. Soon we will unleash it in its fully automated, self-aware form. You have been warned. "  from

The video below shows some Jimmys that haven't been effected by the BanHammer yet. That shouldn't take long though, you'll understand after you see the video. All the guns on the map were one shot kills. For red and blue teams. One guy on the red team had a super high jump and could run really fast. I haven't seen stuff like this since Halo 2. So what's going on here? Something in Reach is like Halo 2 and the hacker and modders can mess with the settings like that. My take is Halo Reach looks like Halo 3 and shoots like Halo CE. I never had a comparison for Halo 2 really. I guess it mods like Halo 2. Yeah that's a good one. Watch the video below. It's edited for time and you can see the entire game if you download it from my file share on Halo Reach. Official game stats Forum post

N4G link

This shouldn't be taken as a fanboy rant or a blame it all on Bungie type thing. I know, no matter what Bungie does, there are always gonna be some Jimmys ruining the game for us. Halo is my favorite shooter and I know that people want to see videos like this. For me, it was like seeing a UFO tonight. I had no idea this could even happen anymore on Halo, or even Xbox 360 at all. Thanks for reading.

** I used the Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR to capture the video.

Once again we are giving away one of the biggest games of the year Halo Reach. Not the regular edition, not the limited edition, BUT THE FRICKIN LEGENDARY EDITION. Get it Sept. 14th!

Congratulations to the Jimmy akskiller for winning our Halo Reach contest. Read akskiller's winning story.

Halo Reach giveaway winner

Halo Reach giveaway winner Don't be a Jimmy

Read full story...

Do you need the Collector's Edition with all that extra crap? From a Jack-in-the-Box to a remote control car with a video camera, Collector's Edition games are getting out of control. I want them all!

11 different Collector's Editions of some type coming out between now and the holidays? Well Actually there's probably more that, but you'll find some of the crazier shit below. Statues, USB's, decks of cards, an unbeleivable Jack-in-the-box and of course ... DLC galore! There's also a few other things I must remind you of. Check it.

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Here are the nominees for 2010's best multi-player game. Let us know your favorite in the comments.

Halo Reach

Co-op campaign? Check. Firefight (horde mode)? Check. Deathmatches? Yup free-for-all and team. Capture the Flag? Sure... Single and multi! Don't forget oddball, invasion, stockpile, headhunter, infection, king of the hill, and assault with one bomb or multiple. All this plus a great matchmaking system that doesn't get in your way. 

Super Street Fighter IV

Endless battle, enough said... amiright? Now that there is tournament mode too, not to mention the fun you and your buddies can have in local vs battles, the only thing stopping this from being played is the inevitable next version of the game.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

An XBLA summer of arcade game this year, Lara Croft surprised us with some neat co-op puzzle solving that may only be one-upped by the introduction of Portal 2 next year.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Wow... This game really came out of nowhere at the end of the year and has stolen all of our time. Even when you're not racing against your friends or random naubs in the online mode, your friend's times in the career are tracked and compared against yours in the autolog. A truly great feature that takes this game from interesting to awesome.

Winners will be announced December 29th. What's your favorite? Leave a comment below and remember to vote for your favorite games in our catalog.

Haven't you heard ... it's the Halo RPG you've been waiting for.

Well not exactly an RPG, but you get EXP which is now called Credits (cR for short? Reh-tard for long.) Anyway you get credits now for multiplayer and playing the campaign. Is the campaign going to be that different each time you play through? I can't imagine going through any campaign more than three times, unless you are the Original Jimmy.

halo reach armor customization

News also came out today about the armor customization. When I first saw the trailer for the Halo Reach multiplayer I was guessing that different combinations of armor would give you different abilities that would act like "equipment" from Halo 3. I am incorrect. The armor customization doesn't do anything in Halo Reach except change your appearance. This is for all the Jimmys that needed the  Recon armor bullshit. I don't care what the armor looks like, I use an Elite in Halo 3. Jimmy!

Bungie says this is a way for everyone to play a lot or a little and get the same experience. So next time you look at a players Spartan you will be able to tell his play style. I can't wait to see what the Raipist looks like.

Click here for the original story

Read more @

Watch a video of 2 Jimmys talking about this

The Halo Reach Beta begins on May 3rd and you need Halo 3 ODST to play it.

Halo 3 ODST box art

Halo 3: ODST

Don't miss out on the first ever Halo Reach montage filming this May! 


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Best music in a game 2010 Jimmy Gems nominees

By: BatRastered Dec 13, 2010 | 11 Comments

What game had the best music in 2010? Our nominees are here, voice your opinion below.

Halo Reach

I think the music from the Halo games is up there with the Star Wars movie sound tracks. Reach continues this tradition. Here's the menu theme... This is just the fuckin menu...


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2  

It's Star Wars music... What do you expect? Of course it's good.

Red Dead Redemption  

It's like I'm playing a Sergio Leone movie.

Fable III  

Another game with a cinematic soundtrack. You gotta love the orchestra Jimmy!

Mass Effect 2  

The map screen music still gives chills.


Winners will be announced December 29th. Don't forget to vote for your favorite games in our catalog and leave a comment below!

Community Blog


Halo Reach Giveaway

By: thewolf14 Aug 18, 2010 | 14 Comments

My Halo Entry: Updated!

 The sound of a waterfall peeked my ears as I stepped out onto this new world. What was this place? This strange, Great world, Filled with life, But a voice toke me out of my daze as I looked around

'Chief! Covenant!' I frowned, Covenant? Here? I followed her instructions as she told me to cross the bridge, the sound of a Phantom roared by me, Elites And Grunts.. Strange, A Small party, I quickly pulled my Assault Rifle up and unloaded the 60 Shot Mag, CLICK! The rifles mag slides out as I released it from its refuge in the stock of the rifle. I inserted another and finished off the last grunt, then moved forward towards the sounds of gunshots. Marines? ODST's? Survivors were my top priority.

As I ran around the cliff side turn, I saw a Phantom landing! "Covering Fire!!" One Yelled before firing the Assault Rifle.

I tossed a well aimed frag and it hit were the Grunts and Elites jumped from there sides of the floating ride. The sound of the Aliens scream as they were killed signaled the marines to move onto the fortress like structure as they were before. Marines Scattered and reloaded. We fought 3-4 Phantoms off that moment, after that Cortana signaled a pelican, Echo 419.. We also saw many life boats flying by from the sky. But asides from that, Echo 419 dropped a hog off, I got in the drivers seat and 2 Marines jumped on the side seat and Turret, I heard a Proud and tall Man Yell "Look Proud Marines!" Sergeant Johnson! A Spartan 1, Very interesting, He will come in handy..

We drove threw caves and valleys for what seemed like forever. We fount the first 2 Teams of survivors and were now helping the 3rd. They were elevated at the top of the hill. We had 2 Snipers, And a couple of Assault Marines and Sergeant Johnson Versus the 6 Phantoms heading toward us... Lovely, Just then, A Giant brute like creature ran up the hill followed by many smaller creatures holding shields. The giant one had a huge shield on it, It charged at us, As it happened, one marine was killed, Me and Johnson toke it out quickly. The rest were gone by then, all dead as the pelican landed near us, We had saved all we could. But I toke it as a win for now. My AI, Cortana told me something As I looked at the canyon and valleys as we flew.

"John, Chatter says, This ring world is known as...Halo."  Cortana Said Slowly

Halo.. I nodded slowly and looked back at the Canyon we had left.

'Halo... I have a bad feeling about this...'  I thought to my self as we headed off towards a darker part of the ring...

And that was my first Experience, On Halo..



A few hours...

I watched as Echo 419 lifted the pelican upward in the narrow hole.

"This is as Far as I can go! Heres your stop!" She yelled over my radio channel, I nodded and jumped off. I landed where grunts had been sleeping but were now running and screaming things I didn't understand, One ran into the opening door. 'Darn..' I grumbled. 2 Elites ran out using the sound they always made when angry "WORT WORT WORT!" One yelled as It fired at me! 3-4 of the shots hit me as I began killing the grunts first, I then moved onto the elites, 1 Gold One...1 Blue One.... 

I began firing at the gold ones first, Its sword was trying to make contact with me, SLASH! I barely dodged that strike! I Kicked it with my boot and armed a plasma grenade and Smashed it his face as I rolled away. BOOM! I rolled into the blue elite who fell over and tried to get up, But I kicked it in the face, The AR to its face and Fired furiously! CLICK! It had died when the 14th shot was made. I unloaded the clip from the stock and Inserted a new one in.

"Done yet Chief?" Cortana laughed at my display, Blue blood on my chest plate. I wiped it off, and replied with a groan.

"Schematics show that the Place we need to be is deeper into the facility... So lets go.." She examined the info from the Map Room we had fought to get to.

I simply nodded. It felt like hours until we reached the top of the Control Room peek, Cortana opened the doors and dispatched the remaining grunts left. I walked threw the wide, long hallways. The huge door at the end was colored a grey color and It toke the most time to open. But when we made it. I saw this HUGE Hologram of the Halo Ring.. Then a little floating ball with a blue light in its center, came up to my helmets face and spoke clearly and precisely.

"Hello Reclaimer!" It said loudly

This was BOUND to be trouble...


And there it is, This is my attempt at A Halo Story, Its the SECOND Level on Halo CE. I hope you like it, and please Thumbs up!

Edit: Currently, My reach copy has been demoted from Limited to standard :/, So I would LOVE to win this!

 Edit 2: I added a new scene in because I want to win extra much :D

Thanks! for reading!


-------------Below is some Images I made :o!--------


My Second Entry! You should like it too!

More new maps on the way in March...

A new video preview of the Defiant Map Pack has surfaced. It looks great. Check out the end, no mention of Bungie, it says 343 Industries and Microsoft Game Studios now. Welcome to the future of Halo.

Halo: Reach Defiant Multiplayer Map Pack

Community Blog


The Halo Experience

By: MachinimistLuke Sep 8, 2010 | 8 Comments

From the beginning, I fought 'til the end.

It all started back during the release of the Xbox. My memory has blurred a bit since and It's hard to remember it, but I know that I got my Xbox one way or another. Before I had Halo, I think I might have played Buffy at my sister's old place... Pretty puzzling at the time... not sure if this was before or after really.

Sooner or later, me and my brother got an Xbox for Christmas, which had the game 'Halo' along with it. I may have been quite young at the time, but I'm sure I was mature enough. I started up the console and put the disk in the tray.

The Halo Theme rang through my ears as the word 'Bungie' faded in, on to the screen. I was fascinated by it. I sat bewildered on the floor by the television gazing at Ring that was etched from one end of my mind to the other forever.

I booted up the campaign, watched as enchanting music played as spaceships flew from the right of the screen. I watched and listened intently.

Then the fun began.

"The Sealed Casket"

I saw a body of metal climb out of it. I was inspired as I saw the story of the ship's destruction before me as I dashed my way through, eventually coming face to face with my foes; 'childish turtles' and 'funny blue dinosaurs'. As silly as that first assumption sounded, I was later to find I wasn't the only one who had that first glance impression.

After escaping the Pillar of Autumn, I saw my character, 'The Chief', climb aboard an escape pod, deciding not to take a seat.

After the crash landing, I felt sadness for the Marines who died around me, knowing that I was in a suit of the toughest metal, MJOLNIR as it became later known, and that I was still alive thanks to it.

I headed outside to look around, leading me to state of bewilderment, a need to explore, but from my state of which I was brought to by Cortana, warning me that a Covenant patrol was approaching and that I should hide in the hills up ahead. I looked left to find my bridge and from there, my journey on the Ring began.

Fighting the toughest of foes, coming into close contact with the Hunters, taking out Jackals, stealing ghosts and banshees, or taking a ride around in the Warthog with a marine on back. Pursuing to complete my mission; to rally up all marines and discover the secrets of Halo.

Then I came to the darkest segment I have encountered in a Halo Game

Being dropped off in a swamp by Pelican in search yet again for Captain Keyes, I moved along seeing enemies run past me, covenant dropships destroyed paving a road of destruction to which beyond would lie an even greater threat.

Watching as red blips faded from my radar as yellow blips flickered on and off from it. Looking around, I saw no support. Just dead grunts and jackals. But no Elites. I pressed on towards a structure with a lift by the bottom. This was too easy, like a walk in the park, but I knew there had to be a catch, that something fishy was going on.

Approaching the final door, the cutscene came into view. After opening the door and catching the fallen marine, The Chief had picked up a helmet revealing a tape recording. From there, I got more and more creeped out until the end. I was on the brink of dispensing bricks.

'The Flood'

I dispensed of many bricks that day.

From there, the story grew into one big escape with a story of trust and betrayal intertwining after losing all support. Even by the end, Foehammer was lost, and I felt disheartened, but I pressed onwards (several times, mind you), until I eventually reached the Longsword in the Hanger Bay.

The game was beaten, and the story complete, but I wanted to play it another way, and harder. I decided to give it another go, but not without the help of my bro.

Two player co-op was ridiculous amounts of fun. Though we had our arguments from time to time, arguing over who gets what (I know, maturity can be beaten by co-operation), we enjoyed every last bit of it, find new and fun ways to play, finding new secrets and new tricks to explore the campaign further.

My brother mostly enjoyed having a pack of combat forms in pursuit without the aid of having arms, like 'meat shields for you back'.

After our campaign run-through, we pursued to enter Multiplayer, finding it somewhat entertaining, yet limited to just the two of us.

Blood Gulch remained my favourite map.

When Halo 2 was announced, me and my brother were bubbling with excitement, bursting with joy, knowing something new, bigger and better was on the way.

Our excitement had us forget Halo: Combat Evolved for a long while as we prepared for the drop of Halo 2, which was to impact the world like no other game had done before. We had heard that there was something weird going over in America at the time prior to release, only to find out a few years later what it was about.

Halo 2 was then released. Our Uncle had gotten me and my brother it for Christmas. We couldn't be happier.

The campaign was a surprise to the both of us, and that we kind of rushed through the whole thing in less than two days, greeting a groan from our parents about playing it too much and beating too fast, but who seriously wouldn't want to delve deeper into the Halo Universe and it's fiction?

The only issue I had with the Xbox was not getting Xbox Live until Halo 3 came out for Xbox 360, which was a long while ahead, unbeknowst to me.

I felt deep sadness and a want to communicate over those past few years, always knowing that Halo 2 was that one thing, but alas I never got to know how big it truly was.

By 2006, I was fully capable of maneuvering across the internet with ease, albeit still being young.

Youtube was fairly young, being one year old, but suddenly it had appeared. May 9th, 2006. Halo 3 was Officially announced. I could swear back then I could build a house with all the bricks which suddenly filled the room.

As 2007 drew near, my elder sister told me and my dad about a series known as Red vs Blue. I was glued to it and thanks to her, I had something to keep me busy until Halo 3.

2007 came and rolled on, and came September, I set out preparing myself for Halo 3. I did not have the money, and Halo 3 kicked off without me.

Depressed on not being able to get money soon enough, I decided to take a stroll along the beach thinking about how I would go abouts getting Halo 3. It was all I could think about. Whilst collecting my thoughts along with blue stones and holding them in my shirt, carrying them along in it, I decided to lay out Halo 3 all across the beach with every blue stone I could find.

Eventually, I filled up a section of the beach. Onlookers went by looking at 'Halo 3', looking either intrigued by my dedication or worried as to what the hell I was doing. My dad came along on his scooter heading to town and noticed me and saw what I'd done. He said he'd be back in a while. When he had returned he had purchased Halo 3.

I was overjoyed, thus starting my misadventures on Xbox Live in the world of Halo 3.

A spectacular time I did have meeting new friends and new people. However, not all of them were keen to be... nice.

At the time, I didn't expect to see the bad kind of people we meet over Xbox Live at the time. I was new to the place, even though I had stuck with Halo the entire time, I saw a new side to gaming and boy did I not like it. However, I was beginning to notice a popular uprising from all of this; Machinima.

I was so in. From the get-go. Since then, many an attempt to make my own Machinima went and failed, time after time after time.

Along came 2008 and 'Grifball - The Sport of the Future!'. Once again, it had me hooked. My favourite web-series had it's own game added to Halo 3. One of my failed attempts at Machinima saw me getting into College along with my GCSEs, as I had included storyboards and a script ready, which was then to be never used again. Ironically enough (before getting my act together (read onwards)), I decided to name my Grifball team after my later-to-be-failure; L.I.E (Life in Everybody). At the time though, I was caught up in a lot of things and Burnie Burns moved my Captain status to N1nj0 as my Internet Provider had cut me off due to apparantly just being a terribly bad service provider (We're now connected to O2).

Later, I found out the team became highly popular without me and that they had won a tournament once whilst serving as tough competition for many other Grifball teams, namely the 'Grunts of Fury'. I came to find 'L.I.E' hidden as an easter egg in Red vs Blue: Reconstruction alongside other largely known team names. I gave a hearty laugh.

Eventually, the team had broken up after a name change and a few more competitions with members being on separate teams.

Last year, I decided to pull my socks up and get my act together. I got myself more and more involved Machinima and the Rooster Teeth Community, and having the opportunity of playing with John Graham (Digitalph33r/JonCJG) and Burnie Burns (Church from Red vs Blue). I also became friends with Cam (Zoxin1 from Zoxin it Up! Live) and took part in an LFTO Shizno episode (a conglomeration of users from the RT community who dissect Red vs Blue looking for clues to find out what to expect to see in future episodes), albeit having a terrible computer microphone at the time.

ODST hit stores and I got to journey through a much more emotional storyline compared to the others, containing all of it's humour, wit, charm, yet a constant feeling of loneliness that I could easily relate to. By then I had already seen Firefly and Serenity, being familiar with Nathan Fillion and his character, and loving every second of playing with and along side a character I felt very familiar with.

Knowing Reach was coming, and a Beta was on it's way to owners of Halo 3: ODST, I was thrilled. Beta came along and I prepared myself to render some clips.

I got one with me doing a rendition of 'To be, or not to be', one with me discovering a glitch in the game, and one showing what it's like making Machinima on Xbox Live with a bunch of random people.

As Reach draws near, I come face to face with bad news. Here's how it started;

When the Pre-order editions were announced, I asked my dad to help me out with Pre-ordering Legendary Edition and I told him I had the money to cover it, which I did. Then he went and told me that I shouldn't worry about it and that he'd get it for me.

A few weeks later, I reminded him about it to see if he pre-ordered the Legendary Edition, to which he said yes, so I decided to prepare for Reach and buy myself a set of Turtle Beach Earforce X11s, so I could enjoy the experience without disturbing anyone.

However, today I learned that he actually pre-ordered standard and had completely forgotten. I was disheartened, so I tried searched online to find a competition with Legendary Edition as a Prize and came across one which required posting on a forum thread, so I signed up.

I then got there to find out that you had to be a US Resident over the age of 18.

This had truly made my day worse.

I am now here hoping to win my own Legendary Edition of Halo Reach. May I be blessed with the best of Luck.

I should probably be happy with the fact that I'm getting Halo: Reach, but I still wish to get my hands on my own statue. Dr. Halsey's Journals too.

May the best of luck be with me so I can achieve this goal.

I love Halo, and I love Bungie for bringing me and everybody else such a phenomenal and ground-breaking franchise for many of us to enjoy into our later years and beyond.


- <3 MachinimistLuke

What's the best XBOX 360 exclusive game in 2010? See our nominees and leave your opinion in the comments.

Mass Effect 2

Okay, this game is coming to the PS3. But that's next year. It was exclusive to the 360 this year, and that's what counts. That and the fact that it was a great game. I love exploring the galaxy, that map music still gets me hyped for my next adventure. Importing your old save from ME1 was a cool idea, though I wish they did more with it.  

Halo Reach  

The series that defines the XBOX continues to wow us (we'll just forget about that ODST shit for now) and give us countless hours of multi player fun. The latest entry in the Halo saga sets the bar even higher with AI team mates in the campaign that can actually shoot straight, firefight matchmaking and fucking jetpacks! Don't be fooled by King of Jimmy's clones!  

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

A surprising entry here with an XBLA game, but we had fun playing through this adventure in co-op and solving the puzzles. Hint, if your stuck, through some spears in the wall and have Lara climb on them. 99% solved. Seriously though, most fun I've had with a Lara Croft game in a loooong time.  

Fable III

I'll let this Jimmy tell you what he thinks:

"I've gotten 20 hours of gameplay out of Fable III and I'll probably get another 20 hours. I'd also like to recommend Fable II , which is my favorite in the series. But Fable III is still a great game and one of the best this year. Building your team and getting your followers for the revolution is a great idea. Fable III is the only game where you level up, beat the game and then go on an adventure. I like that idea a lot. I just wish the combat was more like Fable II. "

Alan Wake

This game has been talked about at more E3's than anything except GT5, so the hype was a bit over-blown and a let-down was almost surely in the cards. As it turned out, however, this game was pretty good. Sure the graphics looked like they were a few years behind the curve (probably since the engine was built all those E3's ago), but the game played well and the episodic nature of the storytelling worked.


Winners will be announced December 29th. Don't forget to vote for your favorite games in our catalog and leave your opinion below in the comments.

We've launched PWNtober is a Halo montage series.

There's not much to this story here Jimmy. I just thought I should do as much as possible to let everyone know that PWNtober 2010 is going to blow every other montage off of the planet. Number 1 in the World! 

Visit now!

Sign-up for PWNtober 2010.

Don't be a Jimmy. 

Thanks for reading.

Community Blog

Story Image

Halo Reach Player Analyzer

By: ThaBrad Dec 2, 2010 | 8 Comments

HaloCharts has come up with a way to tell you where your weaknesses are... or have they?

First let me say that I've been a member of HaloCharts for a little while now and love the extra stats that they give you for certain things in all of the Halos. An example would be that they tell you what you would be ranked in Halo Reach if they'd kept the original ranking system. Hell, I've even played their texted based Halo game, HaloSphere.

 I was very disappointed with this feature from HaloCharts. First off, Bungie posted on their site in the news section that HaloCharts had released this, and HaloCharts was in no way prepared to handle this...result  = epic failure. Halo Charts was down all day yesterday. If you went to their site it said, HaloCharts is very busy right now. The second reason is that the analyzing that they do is just against their community and doesn't help you in any way. They are only telling you how much better or worse you are then the population average on their site, for example in Competitive - Games Won.  

To sum this thing up, definately check out HaloCharts sometime, but don't do it just for the analyzer.

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