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Official Member Wallpapers by MilkyPink

By: MilkyPink Mar 9, 2011 | 26 Comments

I know I was 2 weeks off since my last blog post...

But I've been awfully busy with my life outside the internet with this job I have, they are purposely not letting me HAVE A LIFE anymore. &&  I am awfully sad about it. Kinda miss the almost free life I once had. lol. I am actually in the process of looking for a better job with better hours. Trying to find a job out there is not easy, especially when those that know you already have a job are not accepting you. -______-


But either way, as soon as I get my life back in place (especially with that job.. and find a better one -_-), I should be back on here a bit more often. But for now, those that requested those wallpapers. Here they are and I am terribly sorry for making you wait...
Click here:





P.S: GOUKIJONES. Thank yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou! For the package! I got the game and it's great. :)! I love the stickers too! I am trying to find a place to put them. lol

Title says it all... He's really into it too...

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Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy for the PSP

By: DragonKiss83 Feb 23, 2011 | 10 Comments

Have you ever wanted to battle it out as some of the biggest names in the Square Enix roster?

Final Fantasy has been an icon for many gamers world wide, we have put countless hours into the games, and we still come back for more.  Dissidia 012 is a prequel to the previous PSP game, and it will let you fight as your favorite characters.

Need I say more?


Ok how about this.

and I guess this wouldn't hurt..

The game will be here March 22, so what do you need to know?

The roster? Ok.  The Original cast, Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy), Firion (FF2), Onion Knight (FF3), Cecil Harvey (FF4), Bartz Klauser (FF5), Terra Branford (FF6), Cloud Strife (FF7), Squall Leonhart (FF8), Zidane Tribal (FF9), Tidus (FF10), Shantotto (FF11), Cosmos (Dissidia), Garland (Final Fantasy), The Emporer (FF2), Cloud of Darkness (FF3), Golbez (FF4), Exdeath (FF5), Kefka Palazzo (FF6), Sephiroth (FF7), Ultimecia (FF8), Kuja (FF9), Jecht (FF10), Gabranth (FF12), Chaos (Final Fantasy).  Pretty good right?

But then you add a few new ones, Kain Highwind (FF4), Gilgamesh (FF5), Tifa Lockhart (FF7), Laguna Loire (FF8), Yuna (FF10), Prishe (FF11), Vaan (FF12), Lighning (FF13) and how about add Aerith as a support character if you play the demo.

Epic Roster!

You get a Fighter an a Single Player Story mode, so it's got plenty to offer.

I wish it was on the PS3, but the PSP will do just fine.

Will you be picking it up?  Who will you play as first?  Don't be a Jimmy.

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Worst Games #1

By: jalexbrown Sep 23, 2009 | 10 Comments

I'm going to do a new editorial segment called Worst Games, which is me ranting about some of the worst games I've ever played. Each article will cover a game and tell why I hated it so much.

So when I decided that I wanted to do this Worst Games series of articles, I had to rummage through all the games I've played and decide which games I think were the absolute worst ones.  Now, for the first segment, I thought I'd start with a game that I really have a hard time saying I can't stand, because it comes from one of my all-time favorite franchises.

I'm a Final Fantasy nerd; I own almost every Final Fantasy game made to date, and if there's a black sheep in the franchise, it's Final Fantasy X-2.  The casual fans may not know what I'm talking about, but I think the more dedicated Final Fantasy fans already know why I hate this game so much.

It starts with Final Fantasy X.  I enjoyed Final Fantasy X; it wasn't one of the best in the series, but it was a respectable title nonetheless.  The story dragged on in places, but the overall experience wasn't bad at all.  In other words, it didn't need a direct sequel.  Square-Enix, however, decided that it did need a sequel, so we got Final Fantasy X-2.  When you pop this game in the first time, you're greeted with what could perhaps be the most cheesy, most annoying opening sequence Square has ever delivered.  Picture Yuna, Rikku, and a new girl named Payne as three wanna-be Britney Spears singers, and you've got the opening sequence.  I'm not making that up; I really, really wish I was, though.

I've got to be honest; the concept alone made me not play too much of this game.  Maybe the gameplay is great, but the concept is too damn stupid for me to feel compelled to play it.  I do know the game is more open-ended and non-linear.  What stupid designer thought Final Fantasy needed to be open-ended?  C'mon...when I'm playing Final Fantasy, I want to be compelled by the story to the point that I don't mind it being linear.  If the story is so terrible that they had to open up the gameplay to make it compelling...well, that says something bad about it.

Oh yeah...and did I mention that Yuna has guns now?  How did it happen that the most powerful summoner in Final Fantasy X end up needed freaking guns in X-2?  She's a summoner for pete's sake; she doesn't need guns!

Anyways, my animosity towards this game is starting to show, so I guess I'll wrap it up.  The concept sucks, Square decided to jack the great Final Fantasy gameplay all around to make the game open ended, and...well...the game stars not one, not two, but three chicks.  Not trying to be sexist, but there doesn't seem to be a decision in this game that was good.

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Utter lateness and videos to show.

By: MilkyPink Feb 15, 2011 | 12 Comments

I haven't been myself for the past two days...

And I would like to apologize to everyone for noticing my utter silence. Reasons are... I know I should not be revealing my personal problems here but, my Valentine's day weekend was very much horrible. To put it simple, the one guy who I've known & loved for three years has finally rejected me. So this explains my distance from everyone and my silence. And to top it off, I've gotten really sick from it physically. Fever and whatnot. As for the gif requests.. I'm really sorry for the delays but you need to wait for me. All these things happening outside of here are getting to me and I am trying to work them out. But I am slowly working on those gif signatures as I am typing this to you. But please try to be patient for me, just need to pull myself together so I can get them done faster and give them out to you ASAP.


ANYWAY Enough about that. I just thought I would clarify it right now about my strange absence and silence. Earlier this morning when I woke I came to realize I had forgotten something. I had forgotten the Dead Fantasy videos that were created by MontyOum. So I thought I would bring the topic here and show the videos. There's been alot of negative talk between the Dead or Alive side and the Final Fantasy side. To be honest, I don't find this necessary at all. And just because you can be a fan of either side, doesn't mean you should put down nasty comments such as "oh the doa side is cheap..." or "ff girls are all about being godmodders with the magic and blah blah."


I personally think these fans are not getting the concept to what Monty Oum as made. He balanced off both sides. The Dead Or Alive side rely on their skills & weapons. The Final Fantasy side rely on their magic and weapons. It's still balanced out. But I guess in the fans eyes... they seems to be more focused on their appealing presences. I don't think they see the story line that is behind the fighting. One way of another, considering how they are fighting against each other, they will end up teaming up as one to fight their true enemy.


Dead Fantasy 1



Dead Fantasy 2



Dead Fantasy 3



Dead Fantasy 4



Dead Fantasy 5



Let's discuss it here!

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Final Fantasy XIII Gets Release Date

By: jalexbrown Nov 13, 2009 | 5 Comments

The highly-anticipated RPG from Square-Enix finally gets a US/UK release date.

I've been waiting a long time for Final Fantasy XIII.  In fact, I've pretty much been waiting for Final Fantasy XIII since the day it was announced at the 2006 E3 Conference.  But Square-Enix did a naughty thing and left me in the dark for a long time.  I never knew how long I was going to be waiting until I could get my hands on the game.  Today, however, Square-Enix finally broke the silence and gave a solid release date.

Square-Enix confirms that Final Fantasy XIII will be released in the US/UK simultaneously - and on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 - on March 9th, 2010.

As far as release dates go, this one took me for a loop.  I'd never realised before today how much of a difference three months could make (the game was tentatively to be released around June of 2010).  Needless to say, I'm pumped for March 9th to roll around.

Also, in other news surrounded Final Fantasy XIII released today, the theme song selected for the game will be "My Hands" by Leona Lewis.  I've never heard this song myself, but fans of Final Fantasy seem to have mixed feelings about this song as the theme song, namely throwing around the idea that it's Square-Enix's attempt to westernize the Final Fantasy franchise.

Unfortunately this announcement contained nay a hint about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but considering the game hasn't even gotten a Japanese release yet, we can safely assume it's still a ways down the pipeline.  There is fan speculation - and keep in mind this is just fan speculation - that there may be a collector's edition of Final Fantasy XIII (for the PS3, of course) that will contain a demo of Versus XIII.  I don't believe this will be the case; simply put, I think that if Square-Enix decides to release a collector's edition (as they did with Final Fantasy XII), they'll opt out of a Versus XIII demo in favor of something that can be packaged across both versions of the game.  So instead of getting a mindblowing Versus XIII demo, we might have to settle for an okay-to-pretty-cool art booklet or something like that.
 (Keep in mind that Square-Enix HAS NOT confirmed a collector's edition of Final Fantasy XIII for any console; this last paragraph is entirely speculation, and based in no way on any piece of confirmed information.)

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Final Fantasy VII Acapella ?!

By: sheepsmuggler Jun 4, 2011 | 4 Comments

One Winged angel Acapella !!! Any FF7 will love.

I just found this video, dont ask how though. You might laugh at first but this guy does some serious work on one of the best songs from this game. If you are a Final Fantasy VII fan you will like this. Check it out !!



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First Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII

By: jalexbrown Mar 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

I stayed up all night to play Final Fantasy XIII enough to give you guys my first impressions. Read all about what I'm thinking after five straight hours.

Let's just go ahead and get it out of the way up front, shall we?  Yes, Final Fantasy XIII is more linear than the other games in the series.  A lot of gamers will tell you that it's linear to the point of being bad, but I'm here to tell you as a JRPG purist that the linearity in Final Fantasy XIII is very far from game-breaking.  In fact, the linearity brings with it some of the best and most enjoyable content I've gotten out of any of the Final Fantasy games to date.

I myself was a little bit concerned about the linearity going into Final Fantasy XIII, but after playing the game, the linearity works so much to the advantage of it.  You see, Final Fantasy XIII also happens to be one of the most story-driven iterations that has ever been released.  Final Fantasy XIII has a focus that I have to say I'm loving.  Most of the game's first five hours will feed you the story in managable, bite-sized chunks, but via an in-game encyclopedia of sorts, the game is rich with optional content that you can read and take in when you feel so inclined.  While I've found it handy to examine the in-game encyclopedia every time there's an addition to it (the game kindly notifies you when there's been an addition via an icon that will appear in the corner), I'm convinced that you could go through the first five hours of the game reading a minimal amount of what's included in it, so long as you pay extra attention to the story as it unfolds via the cut-scenes and CGI.  That said, to not read the encyclopedia would be a shame, because the developers put so much time into fleshing out the story, and while a lot of the little details aren't immediately necessary, you'd be missing a lot of the attention to detail to pass it up.

Speaking of CGI and cut-scenes, Final Fantasy XIII is gorgeous.  I'm playing it on the PS3, and the visuals are fantastic.  The animations in-game are very smooth, and the combat feels very fluid as a result of the well-crafted animation.  That brings me to something else that the linearity actually ends up providing to the game: the camera angles and on-screen action has a much more focused presentation as a result of trimming down.  There were literally dozens and dozens of moments, just in the first five hours, that my jaw dropped at the visuals.

The combat in Final Fantasy XIII is very unique as well.  Take the turn-based formula, throw in a dash of Final Fantasy XII - AI controlled partners - give it a unique type of job system, and then base the character customization options on something loosely based on the Grid Sphere from Final Fantasy X; if you can combine all of those elements together, you have something in the proximity of Final Fantasy XIII.  Don't be fooled, though; even though there's a lot of different elements being combined here, Square Enix made all these different elements mesh together in a way that feels very smooth and organic.  With a little bit of practice, you'll have the combat system down pat.  It's nice to see that Square Enix got two of the most important JRPG aspects down pat this time around: a great story and exciting, compelling combat between plot points.

The character roster so far has done a great job of maintaining diversity, and you really believe in the motives of the characters while simultaneously feeling bad for the characters who just sort of ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up getting wrapped up in something they really had no part in.  There is one character - though I'll save mentioning a name for now - that has a sort of happy-go-lucky personality that does go overboard at times, especially considering the situations that the characters are finding themselves in.  But other than this one particular character, I've not ran across any other characters that particularly grinded my nerves.  Just be warned that there is at least one character in the game that will probably make you want to take a cheese grater to your face.

There's not one thing I could pick out that makes Final Fantasy XIII such a standout title; it's really a combination of extreme focus and generally well-designed gameplay.  I'm sure there's more I could go on about just from the first five hours, but it would be a waste for me and a waste for you.  I'd be wasting time I could be spending playing it, and I'd be ruining for you the excitement of being able to go in not quite sure what to expect.  But rest assured that, if you're a Final Fantasy fan, this game doesn't disappoint.

EDIT: I did forget to mention the fact that Final Fantasy XIII is very much Westernized from previous entries in the series.  The game will restore everyone's HP after every fight, so it won't take you long to have a ridiculous stockpile of potions that are only worth anything in combat.  But that shouldn't imply that the game is a cakewalk, because I've already encountered a few bosses that will tear you up repeatedly until you master the intricicies of the combat system.  The linearity and Westernization might be enough to turn some people away, but if you're playing for a great story and fun combat, you'll easily overlook the Westernization and linearity.

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Editorial: Square-Enix - Why I Love 'em, Why I Hate 'em

By: jalexbrown Mar 26, 2010 | 6 Comments

Just a little bit of my venting about Square-Enix - why I love 'em and why I hate 'em.

I want to talk to you, Dear Reader, about something that I've discussed at some lengths before (although not on here): Square-Enix.  Most of my friends can tell you my favorite developer/publisher without hesitation; some of them will say it and then roll their eyes as if it's an embarassment, while others will say it with some enthusiasm.  What my friends don't know - and what I'll share here, probably for the first time - is that I really have a love-hate relationship with Square-Enix.

If I may, allow me to share a little history: my first Square-Enix game was Final Fantasy VII, back in the glory days when Square and Enix were competitors and not one-in-the-same.  I remember how perplexed I was the first time I played the game, because my gaming history prior had been rather sketchy; I was, indeed, lost in the intricicies of the game.  The story was overwhelmingly epic in scope and scale, and the gameplay was likewise adorned with more features than you could shake a stick at.  And I remember playing through the game and discovering things about the story and the gameplay, and I remember how apsects of the gameplay that had perplexed me suddenly becoming part of my strategy.  I still have a somewhat fond recollection of the moment when I mastered the Materia system; from that moment on, the whole game was never the same again.  That sense of discovery was the driving factor.  The game became a constant quest to find the next nook or cranny, to find that one little thing I'd not realized; it was all about strategy building.  And you want to know something?  It was fantastic.

You see, that was what Squaresoft was good at: creating those elements of discovery both in plot and gameplay.  After the merger with Enix, I'd somewhat abandoned hope in their ability to recreate that sense of discovery.  The games became utterly monotonous and repetitive.  Well, that's not quite fair: the games had always been monotonous and repetitive, but that discovery process did a good job of covering up that fact.  Well, guess what?  Enter Final Fantasy XIII.  Yes, this game has - and still is; I'm not done with it yet - rekindled that flame of discovery.  I know, I know; I went into Final Fantasy XIII thinking it was somewhat shallow, but as the game progresses, you realize exactly how much you didnt' know when you started.  That Paradigm Deck - that thing that you started off thinking wouldn't be very important - became a central part of combat strategy.  And that Crystalium system, that thing you gave little thought to in the beginning?  Well, now I can spend more than ten minutes just contemplating where and how to spend those points.  That's the curve set up by the game, I believe with all of my heart and soul that it was intentional on the part of Square-Enix.  In fact, I just believe it's splendid design at work.

So Square-Enix can design a complex, multi-layered experience, but I'm sure you all knew that much.  And you already know that they have a knack for choosing which games are most in need of rereleases (assuming you overlook their excessive releasing of the first two Final Fantasy games, that is).  They have a near-divine ability to figure out where - and indeed, when - to release sequels to their properties.  Well....yeah, about that...

Now I get to vent my frustration with Square-Enix: Kingdom Hearts.  Now, I admit that the first Kingdom Hearts grabbed me with its charm, even if it did lack wit or depth (and it was certainly horrible in the subtlety department, but that could be a whole other Editorial in itself).  But really, once I got over the charm, Kingdom Hearts was a steaming pile; yes, despite the fact that some very rabbid fanboys will tell you it's a great, it's just not.  Next to the SaGa games - Unlimted SaGa: also another entire Editorial in and of itself - I've never so much wished Square-Enix would just put a property to rest.  And that was before the second one had even been released.  So here comes Kingdom Hearts 2, and I'm like: "Yeah, this'll be the end of it."  And then what?  A PSP game and a DS game?  What?!?!?  How absurd; how incredibly absurd.  Well, at that point I'm starting to reevaluate Square-Enix as a developer.  Final Fantasy XIII may have done so much to redeem them in my eyes, but then I read that Kingdom Hearts 3 is - allegedly, mind you - in the works.  Oh, but has to get worse, because Kingdom Hearts 3 was to be expected, unfortunately.  Oh yes, it gets much worse: how about an annual installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise?  Now, I wasn't a particularly camper when Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, and I was downright fed up when the DS game came out.  But if they follow through with this annual installment crap: that'll be The End, Game Over; yes, that will be the point when Square-Enix can kiss my hard-earned money good bye.

So please, Square-Enix, I beg you to listen to my pleading.  I'll compromise: make Kingdom Hearts 3, but please put the series to rest after that.  It's not cute or charming anymore; now it's just annoying.  It's like that girl that you take on a date and then don't want to see anymore, but she just won't stop calling you.  The novelty and the charm are dead, Square-Enix, so just get over it already and move on.

Oh, and one more thing if you don't mind: if you do decide to move on, please spare my wallet and don't make anything as abysmal as Infinite Undiscovery or Last Remnant.  You're still a talented developer, and I see no reason for your quality releases to be so sporadic.  Hit Star Ocean, keep hitting Final Fantasy, for Christ's sakes team up with Monolith and hit Xenogears one last time, but if there is a divine power watching over the gaming industry, let me make it perfectly clear: NO MORE KINGDOM HEARTS.

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JRPG Corner #1: Is a JRPG really a JRPG?

By: jalexbrown Nov 9, 2011 | 5 Comments

Jalexbrown discusses the Demon's Souls debate.

JRPG (Adjective) A role-playing game made in Japan

It's a feverish debate.  It's a much-hated debate - by myself included.  It's a pointless debate.  It's an argument of semantics and nothing more.  And if you've adamantly engaged in it, I feel that I can justifyably say that I can't stand you.

It's the debate over rather or not the JRPG is a genre.

Let's look back at one of the earliest JRPGs.  Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in the States) was released on the NES in 1986 (although it would be 1990 before it's US release).  Anyone that played Dragon Quest will remember its random battles and turn-based combat; even if you didn't play it, you'll expect to find such things.  They're iconic.

(Fight, spell, run, item...where have I seen that before?)

That's a JRPG, right?  But would you be surprised to learn that some of the earliest WRPGs also included them?  Wizardry, released in 1981 on the Apple-II and developed by American company Sir-tech, also included random battles and turn-based combat.

(Oh yeah!  That's where.)

Let me reiterate that that's from 1981 - five years before Chunsoft and Enix came out with Dragon Quest.  So Dragon Quest wasn't really so much an innovation as a...copycat.  Yes, I said it; early JRPGs were ripping off gameplay from the early WRPGs.  I love JRPGs, but it's true.

Elder Scrolls: Arena, released in 1994, was part of the first wave of WRPGs to change the paradigm.  There were no random battles, there was no turn-based combat, and the game was much more free-form than previous WRPGs.  And now a distinction was starting to become apparent, because JRPGs were sticking to their roots.  Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in the States) released on the SNES the same year, and it followed in the ways of its forefathers.

(My how times haven't changed...but surely it will soon.)

(Nope...I guess not.)

Let's fast forward a bit so this doesn't become a boring history lesson, shall we?  How about to 2009, when a little game called Demon's Souls was released.  For the last few years WRPGs had really found their stride with games like Fable, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Fallout 3.  Demon's Souls was developed by From Software, a Japanese developer whose notable past releases included Armored Core and...