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Modders on Halo Reach. I have not seen anything like this since Halo 2. The Jimmy is jumping super high and killing us with 1 shot, using the AR. Running super fast and jumping the length of the map. Edited for time.

Last week Bungie banned like 15,000 Jimmys. Hackers, boosters, modders, alleged cheaters. Whatever, Bungie is on top of the situation. I was just having a conversation with BatRastered this afternoon, that Bungie was doing an excellent job Banning the cheaters. The Banhammer has come down twice since launch and soon will become self aware, like Skynet.

"With each Banhammer swing the mass proclamations of profound innocence become more and more entertaining, and with each subsequent smack down the Banhammer becomes more and more addicted to the delectable taste of booster blood. Soon we will unleash it in its fully automated, self-aware form. You have been warned. "  from

The video below shows some Jimmys that haven't been effected by the BanHammer yet. That shouldn't take long though, you'll understand after you see the video. All the guns on the map were one shot kills. For red and blue teams. One guy on the red team had a super high jump and could run really fast. I haven't seen stuff like this since Halo 2. So what's going on here? Something in Reach is like Halo 2 and the hacker and modders can mess with the settings like that. My take is Halo Reach looks like Halo 3 and shoots like Halo CE. I never had a comparison for Halo 2 really. I guess it mods like Halo 2. Yeah that's a good one. Watch the video below. It's edited for time and you can see the entire game if you download it from my file share on Halo Reach. Official game stats Forum post

N4G link

This shouldn't be taken as a fanboy rant or a blame it all on Bungie type thing. I know, no matter what Bungie does, there are always gonna be some Jimmys ruining the game for us. Halo is my favorite shooter and I know that people want to see videos like this. For me, it was like seeing a UFO tonight. I had no idea this could even happen anymore on Halo, or even Xbox 360 at all. Thanks for reading.

** I used the Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR to capture the video.


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Fable III topless pie making

By: goukijones Oct 28, 2010 | 13 Comments

In Fable III it doesn't matter what clothes you have on. So you can walk around naked if you want and make pies.

The princess in Fable III has huge breasts and it is an absolute pleasure to watch her do just about everything. Including pie making. This video is for Jimmy. Enjoy.


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Marvel vs Capcom 3: Game Glitches

By: Cinderkin Feb 19, 2011 | 16 Comments

With the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3. A ton of gamers have been finding glitches that the testers seem to have missed. Check them out!

The next 3 glitches are graphical ones that make the make the game hard to play.

Have you experienced any of these glitches or any new ones? Tell us what you think about this in the comments. Don't be a Jimmy!


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Portal speed run. 9:52. Unbelievable.

By: BatRastered Dec 10, 2010 | 7 Comments

Cake acquired... no really, not a lie. Motherfucker got cake.

I've never seen so many glitches exploited in my life...

The WWE SmackDown VS Raw continues to surprise us with it's silly little antics. Check out this glitch where the world heavyweight title is ... shined up real nice ... and shoved right up Wade Barrett ass!

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Fallout New Vegas Easter Eggs

By: akskiller Oct 21, 2010 | 8 Comments

Pretty cool Easter eggs in Fallout NV

The Fallout series is known for including subtle references to a wide range of entertainment media hidden in the environment of the world. Most of these references you could miss if you are not paying attention to the environment, so here are some to get you started.

Three Easter Eggs from Fallout: New Vegas are showcased below. Can you  identify the source material?

Can you guess the source material these are from?

These are just some of the easter eggs in Fallout New Vegas, they are more so go back in and find some more!

These videos are part of a series of simulated matches for WWE TLC 2010. Featuring exclusive FNJimmy CAWs. simulated almost every match for TLC 12/19/2010. Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio CAWs. Don't miss the Secret Challengers.

Original card

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Fallout: New Vegas stealing glitch

By: erikestrada Oct 29, 2010 | 10 Comments

Ran across this today checking my web comics.

Strip all of your characters before any cut scene for hilariousness!

This happened on my second play thru. Money is not easy to come by early on in the game. So in classic RPG style I removed all the gear and weapons from party members I knew were going to die. Just to sell the equipment later. Jimah!

Off-screen HD Capture Jimmy!


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DXHR is not a good game, but its fun!

By: goukijones Sep 5, 2011 | 8 Comments

These are some clips from my first play through with Deus Ex Human Revolution.

If you're actually playing the Deus Ex Human Revolution as much as I am, you know that the AI is absolute shit. For that, Deus Ex can not be a good game. Regardless of how entertaining it is to fuck with each AI you come across, there is a deep level of design, huge maps, ok mini-games, oh and augmentations galore. I beat the game on "Give me Deus EX" (HARDEST) difficulty rather quickly. Like I said, the AI is nubfarm. Here are some clips from that first play through. Enjoy, I'm working on some clips of my second play through right now. Don't be a Jimmy! Leave comments!


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Fable III ultimate review with exclusive videos

By: goukijones Nov 6, 2010 | 7 Comments

Fable III takes a lot of elements from the previous two Fable games and gives you the Kingdom of Albion to rule over. Has Peter Molyenuex given us the Fable game we always wanted or do some of the changes actually make it worse?

The Fable series has always been one of my favorite games. I've played through the previous versions multiple times. It's not about being good or evil for me, I'm always evil. I just wonder what would have happened sometimes if I were good. Fable III is more of an extension of Fable II, just not as cool.

Graphics in Fable III are top notch and pushes the Xbox 360 to its limits, so much that the game runs at a complete crawl sometimes, it's laughable. The weapon detail and the coloring of the clothes are spot on. Fable III also shows us the most expansive Albion yet in the series, with more land to cover than ever. The characters through out Albion all have sweet costumes and look very cool

Most of the music and sound effects are carried over from the earlier Fable games, which fans will recognize immediately. Something new in this department wouldn't have hurt. The sand area has some new music, which I quite enjoyed. 

Gameplay has been completely dumbed down. You can go through the entire game, just holding down the B button and killing everything around with magic. In Fable II, your character changed whether or not you used guns - you would grow tall, if you used magic - your skin would start to break up with blue cracks, and if you meleed a lot - you would become more bulky.

Doesn't happen in Fable III, if you use magic, your tattoos and clothes just glow. I'm extremely disappointed with the combat. I used the gun mostly when I started, because that was my favorite weapon style in Fable II. Fable III has completely removed the headshots or shooting the weapons out of the enemies hands. You just blast them in the chest. Roll and shoot, roll and shoot. Very repetitive and very boring. 

The dog to me seemed to be dumb as hell. Countless times I have come across silver keys or treasure chests only to have the dog bark at me when I was standing right next to the item. And the dig spots are the worst, the dog would bark and the icon would pop over his head to let me know that the dig spot was close. So I walk back to the dog where he is barking and then the dog walks back to where I was before he started barking. The dig spots had me constantly back tracking to the dog, just to lead me to the same spot I was already standing in. This feature worked fine in Fable II, I don't know how they could have gone backwards. Unacceptable. Another difference is that the dog would get injured in Fable II - I can't remember if it died, I know he died if you chose to kill him at the end - But in Fable III, the dog is invincible. PETA must have been involved.

Although I have a few negative things to say about Fable III, it is still a very good game. The humor is great and has one of the best list of dialogue lines in the series. I was a female character and I specifically remember one mercenary yelling out "Whoa, look that fun bags on that one." *See Fable III Topless pie making video.

In my Fable III experience with GoukiJones video you get to hear a lot of the dialogue. Especially when I raid the mercenary camp and they all think I'm Jimmy, that's right ... Jimmy.

If you played Fable II, you are familiar with the insulting, trash talking gargoyles. These little stone statues hidden throughout the world that you hunt down. Just one of the many mini-games in Fable that keep you interested. The thing with the Gargoyles or Gnomes in Fable III is that as soon as you get close to one, they start talking trash. I couldn't find a video online of the Gargoyles from Fable II, so I made a video of the Gnomes from Fable III. Who knows, maybe you'll learn a few good insults from them.

Fable III is the glitchiest game of the series. You thought Fallout New Vegas was bad? Fable III is right behind it. During this scene, Walter is about to pass out because of dehydration or the fact that he is fat. The option to hold his hand pops up during the cutscene. I click hold hands and when the cutscene ends, I'm dragging the passed out Walter around like he had too much at the bar and it was time to go. Jimmy!

Co-op is a shining point for Fable III. You can visit your buddies world and he can visit yours. You can even buy items from each others world and if you enter into a business contract you can buy property together. This is great, I love that idea and I'm really happy they added that, it was something I wanted in Fable II. This also includes doing missions and you don't have some cheap version of yourself to take to your friends world, it's actually your character, with your guns and your magic. The co-op gameplay in Fable III is perfect. Except ...

Playing co-op in Fable III is glitchier than playing solo. When I entered my friends world, I would slide along the ground like I was on skates. If I kicked a chicken - I love kicking the chickens - the chicken would just slide along the ground as well. To move to different areas and complete quests you and your friend must be standing next to each other. At first you may not realize this and just walk through a doorway and fall into a bottomless pit. I wish I was recording at this point, because it was unbelievable. I ran through door after my friend and ended up in oblivion, falling forever. If I tapped up on the thumbstick, I would fall out of my weapons, (what I mean is, my weapons would stay floating in mid air and I would fall out of the bottom of the screen.) then fall back into the screen and then just continue fall. Luckily for me I was able to just quit out back into my world. My friend, unfortunately, saved in there and every time he loaded his save game, he would just be in free fall. lol. Jimmy!

Grunt birthday party in Fable III.

The money and economy in the game is irrelevant. As soon as I could by my first property I was making 166 coin every five minutes. So after a few hours, I owned almost every property in the game. Even from areas I hadn't visited yet, thanks to the world map that would allow you to inspect and buy properties from anywhere.

Which reminds of another unique thing I have not seen in other video games. In Fable III when you pause, you would enter a room where you could walk into your closet to change clothes or into your armory to change your weapons. I hated the menus in Fable II, but a menu where I have to walk around wasted just as much time as going back and forth through pages of crap like in Fable II.

Tips and tricks on how to get rich, bet the farm on Two-Wings Timmy at the chicken races. Oh and then BUY the farm.

I've gotten 20 hours of gameplay out of Fable III and I'll probably get another 20 hours. I'd also like to recommend Fable II , which is my favorite in the series. But Fable III is still a great game and one of the best this year. Building your team and getting your followers for the revolution is a great idea. Fable III is the only game where you level up, beat the game and then go on an adventure. I like that idea a lot. I just wish the combat was more like Fable II. 

Fable III Buy it!


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Halo Reach modders fallout What happened next?

By: goukijones Oct 19, 2010 | 7 Comments

A friend of mine ran into the same modders the next night. Here's the video from the modders perspective. He's flying around with complete control. Has unlimited ammo and can run really fast. Is this the end of Halo Reach?

In the new video, the modder has like a super guided jump. You can see him flying all over the place. He can also run super fast. Later in the video, the modder completely runs out of ammo and is still firing with unlimited bullets. My buddies really didn't stand a chance here, but they get a little sweet justice at the end.

This sure is a great video of an Xbox 360 that has been, what the hacking and modding crowd calls "Jtagging".

What is Jtagging?

A: Jtagging is completely taking apart your Xbox and jamming a bunch of extra computer parts onto it so you can run it through your computer. You also got to do bunch of coding or "hacking "on your pc, which I don't understand. Listen to this Jimmy with a serious lisp explain - in a complete multi-part tutorial - how to Jtag your Xbox 360.

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