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Alice: Madness Returns Launch Trailer

By: iorilamia Jun 2, 2011 | 6 Comments

Decent amount of new footage in this new trailer.

Have a look at the madness Wonderland has in store....

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A bit disturbing, as it sould be. Madness Returns is slowly shaping up the closer it is towards release. Still looks like an excellent rental. As a reminder, if you buy the game you also get the original with it. Anyone still have their eyes on this?



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New "Alice: Madness Returns" Combat Trailer is Gorgeous

By: iorilamia May 26, 2011 | 10 Comments

New Combat trailer shows off striking visuals. Also some creepy screenshots released.

Alice: Madness returns doesn't have many videos and the previews are pretty lame. This new Combat Trailer looks amaaaaaaazing. Crazy effects are one thing, but the gameplay looks so linear and simple. Hopefully we can see something more in-depth. Enjoy~

From Official EA YouTube Channel -

And here are some newly released screenshots with Hysteria Mode (also shown in the video above). When she is near death, she goes into a super-human mode for a bit.

What did you think of those? Alice is around the corner coming out June 14th. Most of us aren't going to buy it it does seem like a interesting rent. share your thoughts on this upcoming game.

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Alice: Madness Returns Pre-order is also digital music...

By: iorilamia May 15, 2011 | 4 Comments

Shadows of the Damned isn't the only one with digital CD's...

Alice: Madness Returns is coming out next month and the pre-order deal has already shown up on the Gamestop website. Unfortunately, it is another digital downlaod CD. (Same as Shadow of the Damned, see story here

The Alice music download is 9 songs from the soundtrack featuring new music from Chris Verenna (used to be in Nine Inch Fails) It says a code will be sent to you within 2 business days to download it. But here is what confuses me a bit:

It says "9 songs from the soundtrack" , is it not the whole soundtrack? Not too sure, hopefully something from the official site will come up soon. A second game going with the digital CD, I hope this isn't becoming a "thing".  Catherine and Disgea 4 are still coming out with actual CD'S and art, which is awesome. What do you think of this and what do you prefer? What are some ups an downs of digital CD's in your opinion?  Leave a comment below.




Gamestop page:

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Buy Alice: Madness Returns and receive the original for FREE!

By: iorilamia Apr 20, 2011 | 5 Comments

Not even a Pre-Order deal, this is something you get when purchasing the game!

Alice Madness Returns cover art

Alright guys, Alice: Madness Returns comes out June 14th for PS3 and 360. The awesome part is that when you buy it, you get a free digital download for the original American McGee's Alice for your console! Many people are very interested in this sequel without playing the original. No pre-order deals announced yet, and if so thats just more awesome bonuses. 

Oh, and if you don't want to buy the new Alice, and still want to play the original on platforms? It will be available for $9.99/ 800 MSP!

Exciting news? What do you guys think? Leave a comment and don't be a jimmy.



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Alice: Madness Returns Video Preview

By: iorilamia Apr 10, 2011 | 2 Comments

IGN gives us a more informational look into the new Alice game.

Good info and gameplay have been released slowly for Alice: Madness Returns. From what I've seen it keeps the dark and strangeness of the first game. What I feared was it being a mere platformer with a twisted feel. From what this recent IGN video shows, it is looking more and more like that. Fortunately we get info on some of her weapons and how the work, along with Alice's shrinking ability. Also a little intro about the story is done incase you aren't familiar.


The game still has time to show us the possibilites for an insane story , which it NEEDS to have considering this is a single player game with no talk of multiplayer yet. What I really wanted from this sequel was a feeling of eerie-fright and awkard terror mixed in with some mind-fucks. But it seems like Crash Bandicoot with blood. I do certainly like the graphics, combat and the mood of the game, just looking for a little more of something. What do you guys think of the video? Leave your thoughts in comments below.



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Gameplay footage and new trailer of Alice: Madness Returns!

By: iorilamia Mar 4, 2011 | 7 Comments

IGN brings us the Alice goods from GDC. This is our first look at in-game Alice gameplay besides the pictures!

At The Game Developers Conference (GDC) a gameplay demo for Alice: Madness Returns was showed a long with a new trailer. The game looks brilliant. It's dark, twisted and beautiful. The video displays Alice not only using her Vorpal Blade, but some of her new weapons too! I've been really ITCHING to finally see some gameplay <3 Check out the insane platforming and twisted bloody battles below

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Demo video 1


Beautiful Insanity Trailer


For more info you can see official site here or look at the earlier story here

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A new Alice: Madness Returns trailer released!!!!

By: iorilamia Feb 16, 2011 | 6 Comments

If you aren't familiar, this is a sequal to American McGee's Alice ; a really tripped out 3rd person computer horror game. This sequel will be on 360,ps3 and pc.

YES! A new trailer for Alice : Madness returns is even darker than the others, unfortunately the release date for this game is still estimated Quarter 4 of this year. I've been following this game for a while and hopefully you guys get into it aswell. Basically it's 11 years after the first game, Alice is released from insane asylum and gets with a psychiatrist ,but the memories of her parents death and hallucinations go wild. She tries to find peace once again in Wonderland, but once again her insanity messes the place up. So it's up to Alice to find out how her parents really died, and to save herself a long with the people of Wonderland. Enjoy the trailers below :D

All videos uploaded by


Follow their awesome facebook for updates

NEWEST! Teaser Trailer 3




So what you guys think of the trailers? Did you play the original game or is this getting you interested? Leave a comment below :D



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