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Featuring every match from WrestleMania 28. returns with their exclusive series. AI Prediction matches for WM28 using WWE '12 video game. Exclusive Maria Menonous & Chris Jericho CAWs. Also Team Johnny VS Team Teddy & The Rock VS John Cena.

Team Johnny VS Team Teddy. WWE '12 only does 6-man tags. So I choose who I think is the most entertaining to watch. Custom ring entrances and name plates for both teams. You're gonna love the Team Teddy intro. Don't be a Jimmy!

The Big Show VS Cody Rhodes. Well Cody Rhodes has been worthless for me in my fantasy league. I hope The Big Show wins at WM28, holds & defends the shit outta that title for the next year.

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos VS Beth Phoenix & Eve. lol at the Diva's match not being a title match at WrestleMania. Plus Maria got injured after we filmed these on Dancing with Stars. Sucks for her. Great for us. Maybe the WWE will make it a 3 way dance for the Diva's title now. 

Randy Orton VS Kane. This match at WrestleMania is kinda pointless, but I guess Randy Orton needs to be on the show. Too bad it's probably the most worthless match of the PPV.

Sheamus VS Daniel Bryan. The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line. No editing here.

Chris Jericho VS CM Punk. This match is for the WWE Championship. Chris Jericho aka Chris Jimmy is an exclusive cause. We created this CAWs in about an hour and added the music post production.

The Undertaker VS Triple H. Hell in a Cell, the streak is on the line. No editing here.

The Rock VS John Cena - I didn't do any editing to these superstars. I had to download The Rock. He was a buck.

Here are our WWE '12 AI Predictions for WWE PPV Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2011. The only thing editing in these videos, were the title holders. All other original game settings are on default. We didn't want to change anything with this first PPV. Enjoy.

Like I said we didn't change any of the settings and we didn't use any of the unlockables like Booker T and Kevin Nash. So you won't see those matches below. Don't be a Jimmy!

Zack Ryder VS Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship

Randy Orton VS Wade Barrett in a Tables Match

The Big Show VS Mark Henry for the World Heavywieght Championship in a Chairs Match

Alberto Del Rio VS The Miz VS CM Punk for the WWE Championship in a TLC Match

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Deals Jimmy! Black Friday/Cyber Monday guide

By: goukijones Nov 18, 2011 | 5 Comments

Keeping it simple and on a tight budget. I'll look back on the year and tell you, the games I'd be looking out for to get cheap during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. And a quick preview of the new releases.

Pretty sure Amazon is going to be blowing it out bigger and better than last year. has recently had some good deals as well, but they beat you up on shipping. Toy R Us loves in store Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Target will have some great stuff in store as well. Can't wait to see what Kmart is planning. Gamestop? Whether you go in store or online, shop around first. 

Before we get into the Black Friday stuff. Zelda Skyward Sword and WWE '12 will be releasing before the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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WWE '12 Predator Mode and Finisher Videos

By: goukijones Aug 17, 2011 | 2 Comments

WWE Apostrophe 12 finally had it's roster reveal this past weekend at SummerSlam. This week WWEGames released some gameplay videos of the new Predator mode and some finisher videos like Zack Ryder & The Undertaker.

If you guys don't know by now, Team Gouki are huge fans of the WWE. We have been since we were kids. We even made a fantasy wrestling game you can play online, on our sister site 

We've also taken WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2011 and simulated every PPV match since the game was released last year. With WWE Apostrophe 12, we're not excited to play it. We're excited to watch it! I really hope there has been a vast improvement to the AI, we haven't seen much of that in any of these videos so far. We're also looking forward to seeing how vast and in-depth the create a modes are this year.

But for now check out these great new vids.

Predator Mode

Zack Ryder 

R-Truth (Which is already out dated thanks to the WWE who just added the music back in.)

The Undertaker

Kelly Kelly

Alberto Del Rio (He should have custom license plates, but at least he has Ricardo Rodriguez)

John Cena VS CM Punk from SummerSlam 2011 (trying to be like huh? Well both wrestlers have to be AI. That would have been special for me.)





WWE Apostrophe 12 Pre-order Bonus details. Honestly I don't know what to say, really. Really? Really?

  1.  I can create The Rock.
  2.  The Rock was in WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2011
  3.  The Rock was going to be in WWE '12 regardless.

This doesn't affect how we make our WWE PPV Prediction matches. Well at least not until April 1. Here's the details on The Rock DLC.

That picture looks good. WWE '12 looks amazing from right here. That tatoo on the other hand is certainly ridiculous. The Rock comes with the game NO MATTER WHERE YOU pre-order.

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