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WWE Apostrophe 12 Pre-order Bonus details. Honestly I don't know what to say, really. Really? Really?

  1.  I can create The Rock.
  2.  The Rock was in WWE SmackDown VS Raw 2011
  3.  The Rock was going to be in WWE '12 regardless.

This doesn't affect how we make our WWE PPV Prediction matches. Well at least not until April 1. Here's the details on The Rock DLC.

That picture looks good. WWE '12 looks amazing from right here. That tatoo on the other hand is certainly ridiculous. The Rock comes with the game NO MATTER WHERE YOU pre-order.

GameStop Exclusive

A T-shirt. Not a real t-shirt. A Virtual t-shirt. Send me a real Miz t-shirt and I'm in.


Miz's Awesome Attire
Pre-order WWE 12 with GameStop and receive the exclusive Miz's Awesome Attire!.
They call Miz "The Awesome One"...just ask him! Outfit The Miz in this stylin' suit or his "I'm Awesome" Entrance t-shirt and show the WWE Universe that you are the most must-see superstar in history!

So there you have it. Nothing that is really going to affect the gameplay or the videos we make. We're going to pre-order anyway duh! I just would have like to seen something more here. Multiple skins, arenas, maybe even some unique finishers or ring entrances. C'mon THQ you guys are releasing this game every year, give people that BUY the game every year something special. Like I said, pros at CAWs can make The Rock. A T-shirt? I hope The Miz at least has his trench coat entrance.

What do you Jimmys think? Leave comment? I want to know what you think about this kind of DLC and or WWE Apostrophe 12 overall. 

WWE '12

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Release Date: Nov 22, 2011

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