Community A look at Mortal Kombat's XRAY Mode

By kof2012 — February 7, 2011
Tags: mortal-kombat preview video

I am really excited for this game I think its going to bring back that nostalgic feeling for all you MK arcade people

I just saw this cool feature that there going to be adding in the new mortal kombat game I barely found this video yesterday this feature is accessible by a gauge meter on the top screen also John Edwards lead designer says that not all the characters will have the same combos                        

I am really excited about this game i think  its going to bring back that nostalgia feeling for all you mk arcade people                also the midway team  put alot of work and effort in this year for this game and the characters are stunning steve beran director of art says that they went through alot of brain storming with this idea and alot of visual concepts and well jimmys I think             this mortal kombat game is going to be a big hit let me know what you        jimmys think of my story and if its fucked up well erase this shit


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