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kof 13 story combos my favorite characters blog

By: kof2012 Oct 5, 2011 | 3 Comments

So fucking hyped, damn! Are you? I amm, these are my favorite characters and combos and other badass King of Fighters info.

Damn i'am so excited these are my favorite king of fighters characters first off is kim he is a very good player for both noobs and veterans the most thing that stands out about him is his stance his tae kwando rock stance damn that shit is badass kim for me is probably one of the best players he has 3 sons that are even more sicker than him kim jae hoon can deliver kicks flowing with fire kim dong hwan can kick you with electricity it would of been tight if kim kapwhan would of acquired one of these powers kim also apparently has a relative that could slice stone with his kicks his name is jhun hoon his supposed to be a better practitioner than kim but kim would smoke him his style is more traditional kim is 5'9 weights 172 pounds the reason i like kim is.


Because if your a veteran you get so used to his moves i used to look at people in the arcades in California play with him and its like there so used to using him that they for get his range and just play cause there so used to playing with him that they attack more than  they defend  i like using his neri chagi kick combined with his tornado kick like real super fast so you could see how aggressive i get with his moves then i know your scared and his kicking combinations are so fluid I've never seen anything like them here look at some combos of his  look this guy is getting psycho with kim that's fucking dangerous playing with him fast is way more technical i think these are Japanese players that SNK sponsors for tournaments note everything i said about kim is shown here in this video.

My second favorite player is joe higashi holy shit when i use him i like to link his teep kick which is the kick to the stomach then i link it with his kick to the ribs then i link that with his tiger knee or tiger kick i do this so much its fucking badass the way he finishes this combo and steps back in to his fucking badass muay thai stance that i do it again i'am just super fucking aggressive with his combos that if i have you cornered your fucked you see joe is both defensive and real fucking offensive in my opinion because his short range punches chain well with his strong kick and his strong punches chain fucking kickass with his kicks lol his beast thus making him good in defense and offense his tornados will rip you apart if you let them joe in my opinion is not that good but in the right hands they will use this all  together and confuse and disrupt making joe higashi a very dangerous opponent who do you think is better joe higashi or adon from street fighter? i think joe higashi you cant compare them with sagat cause he is tall disadvantage there here are some killer joe higashi combos and other cool stuff.


Okay the gameplay is real sick as for those who don't know king of fighters 13 is a fighting game now the controls on the Xbox i think are way more simpler than the ps3 controls i think i don't know ill will post info somewhere in here later now lets talk about the differences between street fighter and king of fighter to give you some more insight on the badassnice gameplay of king of fighters street fighters graphics are like 3D and king of fighters graphics are hand drawn 2d graphics which gives it that arcade feel street fighter has some badass combos but king of fighters has better ones i think that king of fighters gameplay is solely based on combos not strategy like street fighter king of fighters is more fast paced than street fighter theres a lot more action the sprites are fucking badass they give it that Japanese arcade feel its eye candy street fighter is a lot slower also the specials are way more hardcore than street fighters and in king of fighters your able to pick three of your favorite characters which adds to the time you play each match also they have a new ex super meter this shit kicks ass it actually doubles the power of the characters fireball like for example joe higashis tornados do more damage twice the damage a normal one does he throws three that's fucking awesome the levels have more space to fight in snk has also included one of the fucking baddest meters and cool to watch meters of all time the hyper drive mode which allows you to cancel as many times as you want sick bro lol damn can you imagine the matches people will have at home with that meter now what i want to talk about  is the neo maxmeter this is the most wicked shit ever bro's this right here makes your characters special into a super super special for example joe higashis special is a tornado well when you use the neo max meter the special does triple damage than what the normal one does the neo max makes the game into a arcade beast don't be a jimmy tell us what you think .

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Forza Motor Sport 4 Thoughts of KOF

By: kof2012 Aug 5, 2011 | 8 Comments

This is the best racing game of the year !

Have you ever felt like you needed the need for speed well here is your drug and it is called Forza 4. I will hold for applause bitches cause this is the racing game of the year. If you like racing you like Forza 4 first let me talk about the Kinect features, Those features could keep you playing for hours like the feature that lets you look at the car in certain angles it's great for the car enthusiast; also they're adding a new controller.

If you ask me that controller is badass looks good and acts nice some people say its not worth it. Another feature I want to talk about is the car campaign its said that this time up to sixteen players could play and share car blueprints, but it goes more into to depth than that you can swap engine parts and suspension paint jobs anything that you could almost think of is almost exchangeable. Sorry for the misspelling guys.

Well another thing is the new controller I will be posting new shit so be patient but anyways the controller seems to me like it is optional its looks pretty good for those people that cant play with a steering wheel or pedals or shifters don't worry the new Forza 4 controller is all that. In one I'm really excited for this game cause i think that Forza 4 is the best racing game for the year 2012 the controller and the new features are amazing supposedly the people working on Forza 4 which one of the main spokesman which is DAN GREENWALT SAYS THAT THEY HAVE INVENTED OR CREATED this new and the only reason. I posted that in bold is because I'm excited because of the fact that this is real big in the racing slash gaming community. He says that this experience in both regular Xbox and Kinect will like another just buy the game and you will be not  disappointed.

I'm a racing fan and i know how to play this games so trust me when i say this is the best game you could play, if you like racing. You could play it for hours imaging you hop into a 450 Fearrai and before you drive it, you look at it in a 360 angle so close that damn bro you feel like you're really in it. Then you actually turn it on and hear the authentic engine noise, if you ask me that brand new and it seems like it should take the crown for being the best driving game of this year and 2012 cause the Kinect just makes it that good. So now i will live you with some badass footage enjoy and sorry for giving a half ass story but don't be a jimmy and let us know what you think?

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A look at Mortal Kombat's XRAY Mode

By: kof2012 Feb 7, 2011 | 12 Comments

I am really excited for this game I think its going to bring back that nostalgic feeling for all you MK arcade people

I just saw this cool feature that there going to be adding in the new mortal kombat game I barely found this video yesterday this feature is accessible by a gauge meter on the top screen also John Edwards lead designer says that not all the characters will have the same combos                        

I am really excited about this game i think  its going to bring back that nostalgia feeling for all you mk arcade people                also the midway team  put alot of work and effort in this year for this game and the characters are stunning steve beran director of art says that they went through alot of brain storming with this idea and alot of visual concepts and well jimmys I think             this mortal kombat game is going to be a big hit let me know what you        jimmys think of my story and if its fucked up well erase this shit

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gears of war 3 story is better than the online gameplay

By: kof2012 Jan 23, 2011 | 12 Comments

gears of war 3 story or online?

ive seen alot of people buy some games. and play them just for the story and i seen some people buy some games for the online gameplay. ever since online gameplay has exsisted. like why would people even bother buying a game for the online gameplay if the story is really good. for example there are some people out there saying that black ops sucks online but the story is badass. so the majority of the people that i know that are going to buy gears of war 3 is for the story not the online gameplay. although i would probably buy it because of both reasons. cause in the first gears of war the most thing that i found intriguing was the storyline.im not sure if you guys saw this online or on tv but cliff blenzinski said this way back in like 2006 .that one of the main things that they were focusing on on gears of war was story line. when i first grabbed a copy of gears of war thats the first thing i noticed about the game the story. not the online gameplay i think thats why gears of war has been able to compete with most games out there. the online gameplay is not that bad either. but in gears of war 3 i think there trying to focus more on the gameplay. rather than the story the graphics i think have been tweaked a little bit but when you think about it gears of war is a game thats has a good story with all those other elements that make a good game.

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By: kof2012 Jan 13, 2011 | 15 Comments

do you think there is a need for ss4 or any other fighting if there is mugen?

The engine was originally released on July 17 2001 beta versions of it were made to work on dos linux and windows platforms The engine allows anyone to create characters background stages and other game objects through interpreted text files graphics and sound compilations It supports various types of audio formats such as mp3 and midi initially although it can be configured to play various audio formats via Winamp plugins such as adx and ogg as background music during gameplay MUGENs coding structure for content is textbased and can be accessed and modified in any text editor such as wordpad The sprite format is in pcx 256color 16bit graphics files Audio for screenpacks and characters use wav. Both the PCX and WAV files are compiled in SFF and SND archives respectively and require editing tools to modify the contents thereof it being real customizable so my question is do you think there is a need for ss4 or any other fighting game 2d style not 3d if there is mugen and many of you might say fuck this little bastard or screw that fuck face but the truth is that there is alot of controversy on this subject i have mugen installed on my laptop and the sprites are sort of good the ones that come with the game but i have made my own took me awhile but hey it made the game alot cooler let me know what you think

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