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By DragonKiss83 — May 17, 2011
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With Wet 2 possibly being canceled it got me thinking..

If the rumors are true Wet 2 has been canceled, adding it to a long list of games that never made it out.  I wasn't impressed with the first one, and actually traded it in before I finished it.  It was fun for a little while but it got old fast.


But it did get me thinking a lot about the other games that were dropped.  Does anyone remember Thrill Kill?  It got bought out by EA and later turned into Wu Tang's fighting game.  A four player free-for-all fighter that was set to be twisted as hell and it got axed.  There were demo copies sent out and if you try you can find a bootleg copy everynow and then.

At one point there was a Hellraiser game in the works for NES but it disappeared.  That would have been one more classic horror game for the NES.  It was also rumored to be in the works for the Xbox at one point.

Fans of the Anime/ Manga Trigun may have heard about the game Trigun Planet Gunsmoke that was headed to the PS2 by Red Entertainment getting canceled.  Sega revealed it then it disappeared.

What about Demonik?  I'm sure there are a few of you who saw it played in the movie Grandma's Boy.  It was a real game from Majestic, but it got scrapped because of money trouble.

The list goes on and on.  Ghost Rider, Legacy of Kain the Dark Prophesy, Snake Plisken Chronicles, Resident Evil for the Gameboy Color, Robocop vs Terminator, Aliens RPG, Elder Scrolls Travels for the PSP, and Road Rash for the PS3 and 360.  Some of these could have been incredible, others would have been total crap.  But they are just a fraction of the games that never were.  If you want to see more check out .  And that doesn't include all the Japanese games we never get.

Are there any games you were looking forward to that got canceled?  Maybe some you never knew were getting worked on?  Or maybe a few that you wish would have been? *cough*Brink*cough*



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