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13 years later still getting our money's worth.

After weeks of Tiny Tina just leaving us in a downer mood after we played and the not so great first DLC, I finally convinced Team Gouki to play something else. Halo. No no, not Halo Infinite, that’s been dead in our crew for about 2 months also. We played Halo 3: ODST Flood Firefight. 

Boy did we have no idea what we were getting into. 72 mins on our first run. Non-stop eye bleeding and crippling finger grip pain from hanging onto the controller for dear life. It’s weird to play video games without a sprint button. But after many attempts of pushing in the left stick as hard as I could I finally got the hint that my ODST was not going to move any faster than he already was.

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"XBOX & Bethesda" 2022 (E3 Press Conference)

By: goukijones Apr 28 (21 days ago) | 1 Comments

Halo Battle Royale? Starfield? Skyrim? Fable?

Mark your calendar dude! The XBOX Bethesda Game Showcase (FKA E3 Press Conference) is scheduled for June 12, 2022 at 10am PT. We are expecting to hear about and finally see Starfield in motion. Also will this be the debut of the Halo Battle Royale? What about the Fable back in production rumors? Just what exactly are the XBOX exclusive games coming this year? 

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Since the story will start over, you might not have all of your stuff.

First of all, look at the production of this video. There’s no gameplay at all. Just some actors and game dev talking about what’s coming up in the latest Dying Lying 2 patch. A full on set, walkie talkie convos with characters about the game. Sorry to cross reference Halo in this story, but 343 could learn from what Techland is doing here, and how they show that they care about their game and their fans.

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Get into the beta and try out these combat features.

Team up with Boji and try your hand with these extensive combat features in Stray Blade. You can get involved with the beta right now. If you get selected for the beta your name will be featured in the game's credits. Tons of different weapon combinations and finishers to mess around with. The graphics look great and gameplay video shows a very promising and fulfilling combat system.

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A new way to enjoy classic players back on the football field.

These NFT based teams sell upwards to $25,000. 16 teams battle it out through 16 games to make it to the finals and playoffs. Humans control the teams via coach mode, so it’s up to the players you draft to make an impact for your team. There will be a new season starting up in October and the league will be adding 8 more teams. So get in now. Do you love the Fantasy Football? Do you want to own more NFTs? Check out the AFLL Legends League.

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