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Have A Look At "Weird West" From DEVOLVER DIGITAL

By: goukijones 10:16 AM (13 hours ago) | 0 Comments

From the devs who brought you Dishonored and Bioshock 2 and more!

An action RPG that has some serious Fallout vibes to me. The old school top down Fallout style. This is one of those games they say where you can literally kill every character in the game. Or if you’re not like that you can try to complete the games with getting the least amount of kills possible. Unfortunately there’s a few baddies you have to take down. This game is expected to be released Fall 2021. Two videos below are the trailer and a dev walk through. Weird West looking mighty fun!

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"Goddamnit Jenkins, fire your weapon!"

How was the stability? The first two days it was bad. It was bad because Grrrty and I sit side-by-side when we game and we are both ethernet connected directly to our Xbox One X’s. The game itself runs fine on Xbox One X btw. We could not stay together for more than 1-2 games on the first two days. By the third day, it was working pretty well. Long ass load screens. Maybe that’s because I was playing Xbox One X or maybe not.

What were my settings? I switched to inverted. I raised the look sensitivity by 1. I didn’t change the FOV or make any other changes to the default settings. Shit, I still don’t understand what down on the dpad does. Some sort of beacon pops off your Spartan, but I wasn’t using it effectively for anything while actually in a gunfight or hunting down other players. Google it.

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Chase the villain scum through this futuristic cyberpunk city.

Back in the day when traveled to video game conventions to get all the latest scoops on your favorite video games, we came across this game called Prey 2. Now this Prey 2 was way different than the Prey 2 that was actually released years later. This original Prey 2 showed a bounty hunter chasing down different criminals through a beautiful futuristic city. The demo showed off a complete full range of motion, enemies, special moves. It had everything. I still think today that that was one of the most expensive tech demos ever made AND THEN THE GAME DOESN’T EVEN COME OUT! Imagine how I felt recently when I came across Vigilance 2099, an almost spiritual successor of that lost Prey 2 game. I can’t wait to see more of this, check out the demo below. 

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"Song of Iron" An Edge Of Your Seat Side-scrolling Action!

By: goukijones Jul 19 (15 days ago) | 1 Comments

Look carefully at the trailer to see enemies coming from all directions.

This trailer stood out to me because the graphics are just outstanding. I love the idea of enemies coming from the background or the foreground to get onto your path and do battle. This game is looking real good. It will be released on August 31st 2021. So keep your eyes peeled for Song of Iron.

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Deadpool sliding into the Marvel MCU.

Taika Waititi is the director of Thor: Love And Thunder and Thor: Ragnarok. Taika Waititi also plays the lovable rock character Korg and has appeared in a few Marvel MCU movies. Taika Waititi is in Free Guy too. So you can see here this is a major crossover for all parties. Plus it’s funny. Much love for everyone putting this video together.

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