Community Blizzcon, 2 days of awsome sauce

By de bad shot — October 21, 2010
Tags: blizzard

Secret game you many not of herd of.

       Short story just to get you pumped for the next two day. Every one knows who blizzard is, and every one knows about that world of warcraft of theirs. You know the one with 12 million fools paying 15 dolla a month to play. Well simply put as it stands right now blizzard are the kings off the mmo world. This brings me to the super dooper big news these ass clowns better be droping this weekend. The name of their new mmo game. The important part about this is that it has nothing to do with warcraft. It is its own deal possibly world of starcraft which would blow my ass hole right out my pee hole.

         Other anoucements to be expected are Diablo 3 release date, and Starcraft 2 expansion news.

        Stay tuned to for the stories regarding these


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