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Overwatch: Symmetra gets overhauled

By: BatRastered Nov 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

What changes are coming to Symmetra?

Ultimate: The teleporter works as before, but now you have the option to change it from a teleporter to a shield generator that has a "huge range" and ignores line of sight. This is a big deal for those 2nd points where your spawn is close enough to the objective on defense that a teleporter is worthless. Teleporter health is now partly shield health that can regen and has slightly more overall health.

Shields: Gone. Replaced with a Rienhardt-esque shield that travels along the ground in front of you.

Turrets: Stock up to 6 now, all 6 available at match start, no more waiting until 2 seconds before the offense comes out before you can place your last turret.

Primary fire: slightly longer range.

Secondary fire: No change

Could this be true? PC/Mac legenadary developer Blizzard and console pro's Capcom make our dreams come true!

Like the collaboration with Tekken there will be two games released by each company.


Blizzard developed Blizzard X Capcom will actually be.

Diablo X Capcom

An Action RPG will all the loot and monsters of the legendary Diablo series but with a more modern setting and Capcom playable characters such as Cammy, Megaman and Bionic Commando.

Expect the game to be very good and released when it's done.  Meaning early 2013 to late 2025.  Expect plenty of delays and rumors but the game will be awesome!

Only for the PC and Mac

If you subscribe to WoW for 5 years you can get access to the beta as well ^^


The Capcom side will be a fighting game called

Capcom X Starcraft

Expect characters like Jim Rayner, Kerrigan and Zeratul from the Starcraft side and the regular cast from the Capcom side.

Surprisingly this game will be released in the next six months as a donwloadable game and will be rereleased updated ever 3 months until Diablo X Capcom is released.

The initial game will be 15 dollars and the come with 10 total characters and 5 stages.  Each subsequent DLC will cost 10 dollars.  Capcom does promise that they will work hard on the initial release and that it will be a full game. 


Which one are you guys more excited for??


I could care less for Capcom X Starcraft but Diablo X Capcom will be my most anticipated game of 2020!!

Community News

grey walrus

New Diablo III Followers Trailer

By: grey walrus May 12, 2011 | 7 Comments

Diablo III has a new trailer out showing a little bit of what your followers can do/equip

I've never been a huge Diablo fan, but have always thought that the games were fun. If nothing else it looks like they're stepping this one up quite a bit graphically, and it looks pretty good. 

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de bad shot

Blizzcon, 2 days of awsome sauce

By: de bad shot Oct 21, 2010 | 12 Comments

Secret game you many not of herd of.

       Short story just to get you pumped for the next two day. Every one knows who blizzard is, and every one knows about that world of warcraft of theirs. You know the one with 12 million fools paying 15 dolla a month to play. Well simply put as it stands right now blizzard are the kings off the mmo world. This brings me to the super dooper big news these ass clowns better be droping this weekend. The name of their new mmo game. The important part about this is that it has nothing to do with warcraft. It is its own deal possibly world of starcraft which would blow my ass hole right out my pee hole.

         Other anoucements to be expected are Diablo 3 release date, and Starcraft 2 expansion news.

        Stay tuned to for the stories regarding these

Community Review

de bad shot

Starcraft II Review

By: de bad shot Aug 25, 2010 | 7 Comments

took me a month but its fucking done!

Back story, 12 years ago when I was still living the dream back in the O.C. the kid two doors down got a game called Starcraft. Summer turned into hibernation and my life was changed forever. Mind you this was the days of the super Nintendo getting phased out by N64. Golden Eye was taking the world by storm, and Bob Dole was about to suck Bill Clintons cock. Erik Schmidt, after a long 7 year journey was about to graduate high school. Now during summer in California half the time it’s pretty much a health risk to go outside, so video games ruled the indoors, right next to nerf guns. So a lot of my time as a kid was spent doing these two things. (if only I knew about masturbation.) However, on a hot sunny, sweaty balls kind of day my good friend Worth (yes that’s his real name, pwnd by parents!) brought over Starcraft to my other friend's Josh, since he had the internet and that was rare back then. One week later, Armageddon. Starcraft took over 95% of my time. (Other 5%, shitting and eating.)

Flash forward 12 years, still playing Starcraft. Who can say they truly been ripping a game for that long. On July 27th 2010, at 00:23hrs I had in my hands the one thing I have wanted most for those whole 12 years. As I held Starcraft 2 in my hand all I could think is this is the second best moment of my life. (Number getting my dick wet for the first time, thank you Tara Tanaka) the 49 minutes that I spent waiting in line at midnight were the longest of my life for sure, but worth every second.


Now the review,

For real though, this is the best game I have ever set my hands on to date, bar none. Mind you I have played all the greats. If you have played vanilla Starcraft then you have a good grasp on what Starcraft 2 is like. The basic view point that Blizzard had on their five year journey of producing Starcraft 2 was "If it’s not broke, don’t fix it." Some might think that, that’s a queer way of making a sequel but, go fuck yourself! Everything in this game has the highest amount of polish that you will ever find in a video game. With a six month long online beta Blizzard tweaked the fuck out of everything in the game. Best production value in video games history, in my opinion. There is a catch to all of this though; Blizzard did have the foresight to know that this game will be played for quite a while. That being said, to run the game on its best settings you need a mean fucking machine. I was over-estimating my computers strength, and Starcraft 2 threw it on the kitchen table and raped its butt hole with no lubricant.

On the very next day, new computer. Now that I can play this game on high settings let me tell you its pure sweet angel pussy. Playing this game online is pretty much a way of life. It’s a true pwn or be pwnd world. Truthfully I have been slacking on this review for quite a while. Online is eating up my life.[Unconfirmed heart attack] To keep this short and sweet, Starcaraft 2 has a very engaging story, one that lets you pick what to do and how you want to do it. There are Lots of cut-scenes. Every mission, which there are 29, of has a [cut scene] before and after to explain the story. There are 4 cut scenes which are of the highest quality there is - on a side note I watched a youtube video "tour of blizzard studios" and they said a 4 minute video takes them the better part of a year to complete. Once you complete the story you feel accomplished, like you did something worth while.

On to Multiplayer, this is the big draw of Starcraft 2. If you are unfamiliar with the strategy genre then look it up, im not going to explain everything for you Jimmys. Simply you collect resources to build shit and freaking pwn. All of this is done over Blizzards online network Battle.Net, which has the most users on the planet, far more than Xbox Live. Battle.Net got quite the update for Starcraft 2. When you play online you will have to play 5 games, after those 5 game you will be placed in a league, your placement is judged by your score and whether you won or not. There are 5 different leagues, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.  The first 3 you can get into if your a competent player like myself, the last 2 however you will need to know your shit and have multiple back up plans for when the shit hits the fan. All these leagues have different categories for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. Not only that, if you rip [Starfracft II] with some friends, you and your friends get a rating. It’s the perfect game to play with your buddies and just trash some nubfarm.

Aside from the normal online melee games there are the custom games, this is tricky to explain but with the map editor that comes with the game people can make their very own games. This is a big deal for many people. Examples of these would be tower defense and tug of wars. There is no shortage of games, also now that the game has been out for almost a month there are some pretty in-depth games out there.

So closing comments, this has been worth the 12 year wait. This game will be around for a very long time. It’s fucking awesome. I love it. I actually haven’t turned on my Xbox for a month because of Starcraft II. Go buy it, but buy a computer that can run it too, because it’s some pretty shit hands down.


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