Blog: Borderlands 2 skins and heads for players of the first game

BatRastered Posted by: BatRastered Jul 26, 2012 | 2 comments
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Did you play the first Borderlands? Still have the save on your hard drive? Here's what you'll get when you fire up Borderlands 2 this September.

Vault Veteran Rewards Borderlands 2

So yeah, those are the skins... the Borderlands logo or the word "Borderlands" slapped across your chest. Not bad, not great either. The heads? WTF? Tannis' head on the siren... I guess. The sledge head looks cool, and the atlas soldier helmet is alright I guess. WTF is up with Zero? There's a muthafuckin spider-ant on his head!

I was kinda hoping for skins that made you look like the original cast of characters, or maybe some kind of gun bonus from your favorite manufacturer. IDK about these.

Borderlands 2

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