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One Crazy Trip

Well what can I say but this is the first time in 14 years since I was at Comic Con. On the first day the man Goukijones goes and destroyed the hotel mirror, afterwards we headed for Comic Con and for the first time we get to stay late after closing for the Capcoms panel seeing the upcoming Megaman Universe and the full gameplay to Star Wars The Force Unleased 2.

On day 2 we get there late again but only me (Sean Harper-Professional) and Batratered walked around for awhile until Goukijones meet up with us, once we were together we headed for the Iron Man anime panel and finally the G4 network will have Iron Man, Wolferine, X-men, and Blade so hopefully now I don't have to see Cops anymore. Next we stayed until midnight watching Batman: Under the red hood even though I saw it, I would still buy it good film.

Now on day 3 we actually woke up early to go and get a few items to sell for a lot Choke gave us on the go tips so i hope we do well. Later we went to the Super Street Fighter 4 panel and let me tell you the surprise annousment and the other news I never thought they reveiled so much but it was really good.

And on day 4 we finish the glorious Comic Con adventure with trying to get into the season 10 finally of Smallville and man the line was a mile long failed there, I was dress as Akuma again and I got in with a lot of cool looking people, loved the female Bubafet. And that ends Comic Con 2010, see you in 2011. 


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