San Diego Comic-Con 2010

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Comic Con 2010

By: fnjimmy Aug 1, 2010 | 6 Comments

One Crazy Trip

Well what can I say but this is the first time in 14 years since I was at Comic Con. On the first day the man Goukijones goes and destroyed the hotel mirror, afterwards we headed for Comic Con and for the first time we get to stay late after closing for the Capcoms panel seeing the upcoming Megaman Universe and the full gameplay to Star Wars The Force Unleased 2.

On day 2 we get there late again but only me (Sean Harper-Professional) and Batratered walked around for awhile until Goukijones meet up with us, once we were together we headed for the Iron Man anime panel and finally the G4 network will have Iron Man, Wolferine, X-men, and Blade so hopefully now I don't have to see Cops anymore. Next we stayed until midnight watching Batman: Under the red hood even though I saw it, I would still buy it good film.

Now on day 3 we actually woke up early to go and get a few items to sell for a lot Choke gave us on the go tips so i hope we do well. Later we went to the Super Street Fighter 4 panel and let me tell you the surprise annousment and the other news I never thought they reveiled so much but it was really good.

And on day 4 we finish the glorious Comic Con adventure with trying to get into the season 10 finally of Smallville and man the line was a mile long failed there, I was dress as Akuma again and I got in with a lot of cool looking people, loved the female Bubafet. And that ends Comic Con 2010, see you in 2011. 


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Dragon Age II hands-on SDCC 2010 preview

By: goukijones Aug 1, 2010 | 3 Comments

Exclusive audio clip from the developer Mike Laidlaw chat. My hands-on opinion and a few exclusive pictures.

Dragon Age II hands-on giant poster

So we waited in line to get into a 30 minute discussion about Dragon Age II and a short hands-on demo. The other line was to play Dead Space 2. It looked like the same level we saw at E3. Surprisingly nobody was really interested in the Dead Space 2. We waited in line for Dragon Age II for 1 hour.

Dragon Age II hands-on

While waiting in line, you could walk over and play the NEW DLC for Dragon Age Origins. I did. I didn't know what was happening. It was on PC and I had no idea what the controls were. When I came back into to line I was explaining to BatRastered that I had died, it was the PC version. "No wheel for the spells." I said to him, "like on the Xbox." Craziness. Then this handicap kid(who got to cut us in line) in front of me starts calling me out for not knowing what I was talking about. Completely all up in my conversation with BatRastered. Now he must have misunderstood me or not known which version of the game I was talking about. +1, The kids dad was standing there with him the entire time he berated me. I let the kid finish and I tried to explain to him, that the demo over there is on the PC, and I had never played it on the PC before. He continued to rant on about the spell wheel and that I didn't know what I was talking about and that I sucked. I shoulda took that god damn crutch and wrapped it around his grill. I knew if I did that, I probably wouldn't get a chance to see Dragon Age II that day.

Dragon Age II hands-on. After Mike Laidlaw made his speech, which you can listen to below. I got to sit and play Dragon Age II finally. After waiting almost an hour and a half. Anybody who has seen me play Dragon Age Origins know I do not listen to any of the dialogue, I just skip through it all very fast and then select the most rude or violent option. Plus Mike just demo'd the same exact thing I was playing right now, so I already knew what the characters were talking about it. The space for the demo is really just a demo battlefield. You get to see the new graphics, which for the Dragon Age heads, you will know right away that they are enhanced. Better? Not by much, but improved and enhanced. Irrelevant. The Darkspawn comes over the hill and the pwnn begins. Only 2 people in the party, the main Jimmy and a mage. BTW Mages have finishing moves now with magic, like the soldiers and Assassin's had in the first Dragon Age. Darkspawn come over the hill and I'm pwnn like it was Dragon Age Origins. You have to push the A/X button to attack, that doesn't make it a hack and slash that some Jimmys have reported. It's still the same game. A/X ... the button attacks, it makes sense. You still can switch to the mage on the fly and control the other party members that way. When the dialogue wheel pops up the selections also have an emotion attached to them. So when you say you're gonna kill everything by yourself, the "asshole" emotion is shown with like a color or symbol in the selection.

Now I don't know what everyone else in the room was doing, but I railed that demo in less than 2 minutes. Everything the developer just showed and demo'd in front of us was the same exact thing we got to play. So yeah, I just tested out the combat. I didn't need to hear any talking, I never have in Dragon Age. Never will. Afterward I went up and spoke to Mike Laidlaw, told him who I was and that we wanted to be in contact with their PR department. No response.

Here's a video of the TardClan VS the Nubfarm in an inflatable sword death match.

Regardless Dragon Age II looks very promising. I'm sure if you played the first one, picking up part two should not be an issue. Now how about that audio recording I promised of the developer chat. Don't be a Jimmy!

Dragon Age II hands-on dragon


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Cutest lil Chun Li ever VS Akuma exclusive video

By: goukijones Jul 30, 2010 | 9 Comments

Extremely violent. The most viscous(and yes viscous) Akuma I have ever seen. Not for children. !!!NSFW!!!

In a brutal match last week at the San Diego Comic-Con, Chun Li faced off against Akuma. Blow after blow, vicious uppercuts and devastating hurricane kicks, Chun Li kept getting back up and kept throwing fireballs at Akuma. Akuma only teleported back and forth as if he was mocking her, until Chun Li finally caught him with a low short into a EX Lightning kick, chained into a Ultra. Unbelievable finish.


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Exclusive pictures from SDCC 2010

By: goukijones Jul 29, 2010 | 10 Comments

Just a couple of photos from the Comic-con I took. Don't be a Jimmy. You can not miss the Street Fighter cosplay.

I'm sorry I didn't take more pictures. The Juri isn't enough for you?

Can't see the pics?! Click here!!

That Juri is super hot yes? Well she is a professional, Jimmy. Check out her site and tell her said WHAT UP?!


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FNJimmy as Gouki SDCC 2010 cosplay

By: goukijones Jul 29, 2010 | 3 Comments

The man is back once again at the San Diego Comic-con throwing fireballs at nerds. JIMAH!

FNJimmy returns as Gouki to the San Diego Comic-con for some serious Akuma cosplay action!

Can't see the pics?! Click here!!

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