Dead or Alive 5 New Character - Introducing Rig

By BatRastered — June 28, 2012
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Another fighting game character intro video... I know you're excited! This one features a burning oil rig, so uhhh... it's got that going for it.

Here's Tecmo/Koei's description of "Rig":

Meet Rig - A natural born fighter, he has used his powerful instincts to master of the art of taekwondo. He has run the oil rig from a young age, and his colleagues simply call him "Rig." But even he doesn't know his real name or where he comes from. He learned taekwondo on the oil rig, which led him to create his own style, with plenty of moves he came up with himself.

Yes parents, you too can drop your annonymous child off on an oil-rig where he will learn how to do difficult and dangerous tasks from a "young age". Also, he will have a motorcycle... because you know, those are useful in the middle of the ocean.

Dead or Alive 5

Dead or Alive 5 Gouki Box Art

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Release Date: Sep 25, 2012

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[UPDATED] Jun 28, 2012 1:05:32 PM

Jun 28, 2012 by BatRastered

Here's a picture of Bass and Rig in their normal costumes

Bass and Rig DOA5

I guess Bass is the one with the motorcycle, whatever... it still doesn't make sense on an oil rig.

Here's the full press release from Tecmo/Koei

Today Team NINJA pulls back the curtain on two new combatants joining the fighting roster for Dead or Alive 5, which is headed to the Xbox 360® and PlayStation® 3 on September 25, 2012. The mighty wrestler Bass returns to the series, while a new cast member, the solitary Rig, makes his debut in the Dead or Alive franchise. Showcasing stunning new character designs and the lifelike detail that Dead or Alive is known for, these characters boast all-new styles and even deadlier techniques, reflecting the look and feel of the intense new generation of Dead or Alive combat. To premier these two new characters, Team NINJA has released spectacular new images of the characters and a video vignette highlighting both fighters in a never-before-seen stage.

Bass is an immensely powerful wrestler and former undisputed world wrestling champion. Always the overbearing father, Bass enters the Dead or Alive Tournaments to protect his precious daughter Tina from pursuing yet another one of her crazy dreams. Regarded as the strongest man in the Dead or Alive series, Bass is able to use a wide range of powerful throws as he aims to overwhelm enemies with brute force; a single blow from him can be enough to change the tide of any fight.

Rig, also known as “The Fighter without a Past”, is a mysterious figure; even he doesn't know his real name or where he comes from. His colleagues simply call him "Rig", since they simply found him years ago on the oil rig that he now calls home. Surviving through instinct alone, Rig is a natural born fighter, learning from intuition and discipline. Mastering the fundamentals of taekwondo, Rig has expanded his arsenal, supplementing the ancient art to create his own discipline consisting of never-before-seen moves that have become his signature style.

The mêlée between Bass and Rig takes place in a dynamic new stage known as Fuel, where multiple levels and environmental dangers create a deadly backdrop as formidable as any opponent. Set on an isolated offshore oil platform, Fuel contains three distinct areas that provide their own unique challenges. Breakable floors and railings give way to whole new levels. As the fight heats up, the world comes alive as oil tanks and pipes explode on contact, causing flames to engulf the platform. Over time this creates even more Danger Zones for players to strategically use to defeat their foe!

Photo Mode lets players capture and commemorate their favorite battle moments. Whether it’s from an intense player vs. player replay, or from fighting the CPU, intuitive controls will allow players to easily capture the in-game action in an instant. With a quick adjustment of the camera angle and a slight tweak of the zoom players can set their favorite scene and land the perfect shot!


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