Community News: Deathsmiles 2X Comes out tomorrow on Games on Demand

Phresh Posted by: Phresh May 16, 2011 | 6 comments
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Deathsmiles 2X is coming straight to Games on Demand in North America without a localized disc release.

It's not localized so the dialog and cutscenes are going to be in Japanese but necessary stuff is going to be translated. It's going to be $30 or 2400 microsoft points. Also, the games been out for over a year in Japan.

This is also a landmark occasion for Cave (the developers) because now they can get their shooters in North America without having to pay manufacturing, shipping, etc.

Here's a gameplay video and an official trailer. I'm guessing about the story here but it looks like Evil Santa stole Christmas. Your guess is as good as mine. The four characters from the first one are here and it looks like there's two more thats included with this one.



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