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We’ve been waiting for this and now we can finally test out the new Halo Infinite.

Click bait title with the ‘No Assassinations’ well that’s because there are no assassinations even in the game at this point. The devs go over that in the video below, but this is something they’ll be adding later. If you didn’t sign up for the Halo Beta a few weeks ago. Then you might not be getting emails right now. Soon a second email will drop with info on how to log into the beta this weekend. Watch Halo Infinite LIVE on

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Chase the villain scum through this futuristic cyberpunk city.

Back in the day when traveled to video game conventions to get all the latest scoops on your favorite video games, we came across this game called Prey 2. Now this Prey 2 was way different than the Prey 2 that was actually released years later. This original Prey 2 showed a bounty hunter chasing down different criminals through a beautiful futuristic city. The demo showed off a complete full range of motion, enemies, special moves. It had everything. I still think today that that was one of the most expensive tech demos ever made AND THEN THE GAME DOESN’T EVEN COME OUT! Imagine how I felt recently when I came across Vigilance 2099, an almost spiritual successor of that lost Prey 2 game. I can’t wait to see more of this, check out the demo below. 

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It’s like Pokemon Go, but you murder the Pokemon!

Hunt down over 100 different Witcher monsters. Track them down. Drink a potion to get yourself all buffed up for the hunt and the fight. Developed and published by Spokko and available for iOS and Android. Special login bonus if you play today!

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"Tom Clancy’s XDefiant" Sign Up Now For The Beta Testing

By: goukijones Jul 20 (12 days ago) | 1 Comments

A brand new squad-based arena shooter from Ubisoft.

Beta starts August 5, 2021. My first impression is a cross between Halo and Overwatch. Am I right? I don’t know, I have only seen the trailer. You have specialized jobs and classes that fight against other group on the opposing side. The maps look cool and the character design looks well done. Ubisoft has been trying to get something like this going - with what looks like The District engine - for a long time. Rainbow 6 did very well for them, but those close quarters swat combat games aren’t really my thing. 

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Valve "Steam Deck" For PC Gaming On The Go

By: goukijones Jul 15 (17 days ago) | 1 Comments

Reservations for pre-order begin July 16, 2021

Handheld PC gaming devices starting at $399.

Steam Deck details:

·       Powerful, custom APU developed with AMD
·       Optimized for hand-held gaming
·       Full-sized controls
·       7" touchscreen
·       WiFi and Bluetooth ready
·       USB-C port for accessories
·       microSD slot for storage expansion
·       3 different storage options available

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