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Look at the beauty of that Mario Kart 64 online!

I saw the Tweet that these controllers went live. Guess what though, before I could even verify my account information on AND I had the controllers in my cart… THEY WERE GONE! Instantly sold out. Nintendo is promising more “accessories” will be available before the end of October. Nintendo Online with Expansion Pack begins on October 25, 2021. Get ‘N’ Or Get OUT!

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Ricochet to your grill means your COD days are over.

Has cheating got that out of control on Call Of Duty that there is a Stop-The-Presses sort of announcement that the DEVs are coming for you. How many non-cheating accounts will be banned when this drops? I can already imagine the Tweets and forum posts. Personally I’m not a big player of the COD’s. I’ve played a few and I always try the new betas to see if I may like it. Now what about the ‘Where’s the audio?’ complaints?!

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Looks like it’s time to ARMOR up.

For a limited time only you can purchase both costumes for $9.99. The costumes will be offered individually each for $5.99 USD or both together for $9.99 USD, with all proceeds received going to breast cancer research. The costumes have 2 colors, Pink & White. You’ll have 1 month to add these costumes to your collection. Starting on Oct. 12 and ending on Nov. 12. Save the tiddies! Hadoken!

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You should Wishlist SoC if you’re into turn-based.

It’s pretty simple to get a chance at an Alpha Key for Songs of Conquest. You just gotta join the Discord and shout yourself out in the Alpha Key Contest channel. Songs Of Conquest is a turn-based strategy rpg and has been in development for some time. Something I’ve been watching for a while now and I’m looking forward to playing it. I already signed up for the Alpha Key Contest, have you?

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Absolutely insane looking gameplay

There is some slightly conflicting information here. The trailer says the open beta runs from October 8-9. But the official website says the open beta runs from October 6-9 and that doesn’t make sense at all. There is an early access window too for people who pre-order or are current EA Play members. The website says that’s from October 6-7, which is really confusing. I’m saying, if you want to make sure you’re into the beta as early as possible, just pre-order the game. Check out this bad Battlefield 2042 Beta Trailer.

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