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18 Characters Playable "Street Fighter 6" Launch Roster

By: goukijones Sep 20 (6 days ago) | 0 Comments

There was a leak!

Everybody be leaking stuff on the internet about games. Turns out the Street Fighter character roster is true. An epic 18 fighters at launch. T. Hawk’s little sister? Not sure. Buff chick with hair that looks like a helmet - first new character I’m going to try. Street Fighter was blowing up over the weekend at TGS. We now finally have official word from Capcom about the cast of Street Fighter VI!

  1. Blanka
  2. Cammy
  3. Chun Li
  4. Dee Jay
  5. Dhalsim
  6. E Honda
  7. Guile
  8. Jamie
  9. JP
  10. Juri
  11. Ken
  12. Kimberly
  13. Lily
  14. Luke
  15. Manon
  16. Marisa
  17. Ryu
  18. Zangief
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A lot of quality of life features added to Tactics Ogre.

First off all you can fast forward through battles now. There’s a little 2x speed button to help move along the turns faster. You can put down your characters for battle, but if you don’t like the field or the crew you choose, you can go back and switch it around. It was hard to get a copy of this game for me back in the day. I definitely didn’t play it like how I played Final Fantasy Tactics. This time around I’m ready. I got my pre-order in and can’t wait for November 11.

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WTF is going on here?

Construction accident eminent. Tatsumaki Senpukyaku the sandbag. Save a life! “Safety first.” and that’s how Ken is introduced in Street Fight 6. Ken hates pointless meetings, oh and he’s on the run and in hiding. Hiding while on the run. The trailer also shows off E. Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim and of course Ken. 

Street Fighter 6 shows off character creation and the open world roaming and brawling strangers. You can level up and dress up. Probably where some monetization is going to come in for Capcom. Want that sick Gouki haircut wig? It’s $5 bucks. Buuuut. This mode is actually what I’m most interested in checking out. 

Extreme mode. And wait till you hear this, you’re going to love it. Extreme mode is almost like Smash with items on. All sorts of things are dropping down trying to kill you. There’s a bunch of huge beach balls that cause damage on the screen. A BULL yes the animal Bull will charge across the screen taking you or your opponent down. 

There’s definitely a lot going on here for the casual players and I love it. The story mode and quest mode may actually get new players interested. I’m interested in building and creating my own character with my own set of Street Fighter moves. If that’s how it works. There’s a BETA coming up so make sure you sign up for that with the link below.

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As it goes for all Zelda sequels on the same console.

When you jump off from the top make sure you have all your equipment and items. Looks like it’s going to be a long, slow way back up. At least there’s no evil moon telling you to move your ass the entire time. Nintendo has not revealed much about the game other than a lot of it will take place high up in the clouds. The new official title is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and the game is set to release on Nintendo Switch May 12, 2023.

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"Marvel’s Midnight Suns" Release Date Bumped Up?!

By: goukijones Sep 11 (15 days ago) | 0 Comments

Previously set release date of March 2023 has been changed!

Well we all thought this game was being delayed possibly until March 2023. Today during the Disney Marvel Video Games Showcase, Marvel’s Midnight Suns release date has been announced for December 2, 2022. 

Get ready for those 1 hour plus long matches. Where I’m deciding 1 inch to the left or 1 inch to the right. Use more power or hit more enemies. Bench Captain America because he only hits for 32 damage?!

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