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By Crimson Relic — January 7, 2010
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Some insight from the devs at Capcom.

English translation of Nakky Blog(Developers of SSFIV)-Thanks to Azrael forums for translation!


Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you for all the comments on the last blog of 2009! You're all just too nice! Thanks to you, Lil' Ono and the development staff has gotten really pumped up for the new year, the year of the tiger! And on my first temple visit of the new year, my forecast calls for good luck! What could this mean?!

Well to kick off the new year, today we're introducing new features in SSFIV! Check out the "SUPER NEW FEATURES Trailer" on the official site!

First off, let's look at one of the new features, the alternate costumes. The new characters in SSFIV will of course have their original costume as well as an alt, but the original 25 from SFIV will also be getting a new third alt costume!

Today, I'd like to show you 5 of my favorites!

First off is Rufus's "Hopping Chinese Vampire" costume!

Wow, it fits his big body type just right. Let's borrow the design sketch from the lead designers desk.

We had an idea to have the charm that's affixed to his forehead be able to come off, but unfortunately we weren't able to implement it. If we really could have it come off, we discussed having this affect his attack patterns and attack power, but then that made things just too complicated.

The second costume is Cammy. Check it out, she's cosplaying Lord Bison!

That's really hot! She's showing off more sideboob than Juri. For her second costume, she was wearing winter clothes but her bottom half looked like she'd be pretty cold, so I felt sorry for her. But this Bison cosplay, I just can't get enough of it. Was she brainwashed into doing it...? If that's the case, would Bison's remaining dolls also be sporting this look! I wanna see that!

Our 3rd costume is Zangief.

Mega Zangief looks like he could be a completely different character. Like, Mega Zangief F or something.

You can really feel the designers motivation in the size of the "F". Also, the letters are really small, but you can see that he wrote "The boomerang on his chest hair will be somewhat transparent", which shows just how much he got into it. In the palm of his hands he's got a little green lamp, and when you punch someone it'll leave behind an afterimage, so defintely check it out during play!

And our clean-up batter is Balrog!

That's way too cool! This has gotta be his own personal clothes. His clothes and sneakers, sure, but check out his hair - shows you how young he is!

This is what the initial design sketches look like. It got the basic approval, but we felt that having gloves was a part of Balrog's identity, so it became the current design! The gloves also have his own flavor, for a touch and gorgeous Balrog. He's definitely after a cool look that matches up with his strength.

And last up is Cody. Here's the costume you were all waiting and hoping for!

His personal clothes, which will take you back to Final Fight! ...Even though he's still wearing the handcuffs. Like Balrog's gloves, they're a part of SSFIV Cody's identity.

And here's the design sketches. He's really detailed, right down to the accessories and tattoos. If you take a look at the in-game model, you'll be surprised at just how much made it in! Hey, but this tank top style and Cody's well-defined muscular bod...he's pretty hot.

So these are my 5 personal favorites of the new alternate costumes.
But that's not all.

Nakky Blog Breaking News 1!
Its only for three characters, but if you pick the 10th color for the alternate costume, it makes part of the costume change! This is something I'd like for you all to discover in-game, so we'll just leave it at that.

Definitely try out various things.

Moving on, another new feature is the Rival Battles. Of course, the new characters in SSFIV will also have their own rival battles, but for the SFIV cast, they will also get another rival battle (in other words, a second one). As you saw in the trailer, there's Ryu Vs Ken, Guile Vs Bison, etc!

For SFIV, we had a lot of comments from people saying "Isn't Ken Ryu's rival, not Sagat?" To be honest, I also felt the same way, but to Ryu Sagat is also a rival to him. That's what I felt.

So, while we couldn't do it for everyone, we gave it our best shot and planned to give as many existing characters as possible another rival battle. The first one we decided on was of course Ryu vs Ken!

If there is a rival battle that's important to the story, we've got them along with lines of dialogue! So even for characters you don't usually use, be sure to check out their rival battles!

So now, you must be thinking "For the characters who have 2 rival battles, which one do we end up seeing?"

Nakky Blog Breaking News 2!
At the "Now Fight Your Rival!" screen, if you enter in a special command you'll be able to choose which character you want to fight! Its not a hard command, so everyone try to figure it out!

↑Here! This screen!

If you don't enter in the special command, then the game will alternatively choose one of the 2 rival battles for you. So after seeing both, you can choose your favorite one (the easiest one?!) and enjoy like that!

And our third new feature is what you've all been waiting for, Ultra II! All characters now have 2 ultra combos! You will pick your ultra at the character select screen and then head into battle.

Like this.
We haven't given them 2 similar ultras, so their use will be quite different. This is sure to expand the nature of the fight!

Also, on the official site under the character profiles, we'll be adding movies of all characters Ultra I and Ultra II in the next updates! Today we have for you Ryu, Viper, Cammy, and El Fuerte! What kind of flashy moves, what kind of cool lines, what kind of scene, what kind of battle tactics will you use to pull them off - I hope you all look forward to it.

But there's one ultra I just have to tell you about! That would be Viper's Burning Dance. First, take a look at the video on her character profile screen.

If you look at this picture and this "Huh? Haven't I seen that somewhere else before...?" It means you are a obsessed fan of the SFIV blog.

...That's right, this is an original combo concept from the SFIV main designer Ikeno, introduced during the SFIV arcade development blog!

If you want a closer look at it, check this out! The Death Penalty combo has finally become a reality. In the Street Fighter Artwork compilation, Ikeno had said he wished we could have gotten the Death Penalty combo in. We got it in, Mr. Ikeno! He also thought up a combo for Rufus, so if we could just get that in too... (3 ultras!)

And so that's the new special features for today. Although it didn't make it into the trailers, there's just one more thing, one big thing you all wanted, that we just happened to add.

Nakky Blog Breaking News 3!
Not just against the computer, but now you can also hear your opponent's character BGM during fights against people as well! This will be great for getting hyped up when battling against others!

There are 2 conditions you'll need to set for this.
1. Under "Icon" in the status information, set it to Anything OK
2. Under "Title" in the status information, set it to Anything OK

And that's all! You'll be able to fight listening to your opponent's BGM! I'm starting to sound like an infomercial here, but if you really want to have a dramatic mood battle, set this to on, set Fight Request to on, and then just wait for "Those stronger than me" to come to you for a fight!

Aaaaaan that's all for today's blog, bringing you tons of info on the new features!

Well then, let's all have a good year!


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