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starlordtitus Posted by: starlordtitus May 31, 2011 | 12 comments
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This is a personal story about how my family celebrate our birthdays using characters from video games and related likes.

Every year we celebrate 8 birthdays. 6 boys and the parents. As you can see my parents tried for a girl xD But to tell this story, I must start with my brother's. Joshua creates drawings of video game characters as well as just about anything one can think of. He started by taking drawings of his older brother (me haha) and copying them. Over time however, he grew drastically in skill, and eventually developed his own techniques for his art. He began utilizing special unique ink pens from Japanese companies created drawings that have a "stand out" look. Eventually, he decided to use his talent to create birthday cards for his family, and thus became the tradition every year. Upon his birthday however, I myself create a birthday card for him as I was the first artist of the family ;D 

After the birthday cards are created, everyone in the  family signs the cards and leaves a comment wishing the person a happy birthday. The card is then accompanied by a tray with food for breakfast in bed while singing "Happy Birthday" to the individual. Upon finishing, the entire day results in a video game bash. Friends are invited over as we brawl out in various video games, occasionally hosting tournaments that include large amounts of food and drinks. As the day passes and the evening comes, The birthday cake is made and customized to the person's interests. Normally  either with video game characters or other things like sport balls for the athletic fanatics in my family. Or edible flowers decorations and fruit for when it's my mother's birthday. The candles are then lit and we sing to the person and give presents. At the end of the day we say goodbye to our friends or they spend the night, leading up to a video game night haul up to 5am. This results in the following day of sleeping all day, like a real party should be XD

Video games have always been a part of my life, and I can appreciate how art and video games can be brought together to celebrate birthdays. As such, I wanted to share some photos with you all to give you some idea of how we celebrate our birthdays with video game art :D



Evil Ryu


The Tank (Left 4 Dead 2)


Light And Darkness Dragon (Yugioh)


Antartic G-Adult Weddel Seal (Resident Evil) Original Design


Sonic The Hedgehog




Mario :D


Super Saiyan 2 Goku


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