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fnjimmy Posted by: fnjimmy Apr 25, 2010 | 5 comments
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Jimmy posted a review!!! OMG!

Well what can I say, this game is absolutely amazing the graphics are clear and beautiful, the game play is right on, and the story  i think is the way this adventure plot should end. Even though I've beaten the game, I'm going to start over and try to bet 1-3 on god and above modes. Most of the games I've played I could care less to try to beat it on higher difficulties levels. But the God of War Trilogy is an exception, there is another game I was trying to beat on professional it's Resident Evil 5, but I found out that if the A. I. partner cannot preform in that hard level what's the use on completing the game. Thanks Capcom for that small error that to me is very big. Anyway God of War 3 is almost perfect, just like the commercial once you start playing it is very hard to put the controller down. That is it for now, I will be working on Uncharted 2, and Super Street Fighter 4. So until then, peace.

God of War III

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