God of War III Review

By reipuerto — May 20, 2010
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Does Kratos get what he wants?

You’ll just have to buy, play, and find out. Here we are. A game developed from Sony Santa Monica, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The final chapter in the Kratos’ God of War’s series, a story of vengeance, betrayal, and revenge. Let’s break it down to help those that are into the main highlights.

Story: The first two God of War games were intense, engrossing, and interactive. Nothing has changed. Kratos is still looking for his revenge for the Gods, which have betrayed him and their words. It start off where GoW2’s cliff hanger and what a way to start off! You’re on top of a Titan, climbing Mountain Olympus, looking to end the life of Zeus. With four main Gods and other Titan, the story keeps you wanting more. Why does Zeus do the things he does? Why does Gaia help Kratos? Why does Kratos do the thing he does? And it goes on! You’ll be emerresed in this telling of tale.

Gameplay: This is an honest, to bare bones, hack and slash, action adventure. But with massive substance to separate its self from the rest of its kind. With normal attack, heavy attack, magic, magic specific weapons, moves, combo to moves, you’ll be sure to hit 1000 hit combo with understanding of both kind. The platforming segment are good with no sense of ANY kind of delay. Each weapon has it’s own magic, so you won’t have to fumble around looking for the magic. Each weapon can be upgraded numerous times, about five. Each giving you new combo skill and magic. So points/orbs that you get from defeating from enemy, will increase your death count.

Graphics: Alright you graphic whores, here is the reason you bought this George Forman grill look alike. The game runs smooth with little to no hickups! The detail in some animal are believable that you think the team, of Santa Monica Studio, have met the fearsome beast! Kratos is fully detailed to the teeth. I mean you can see when he gets man and went he gets pissed!! The fights in the backgrounds in certain sections, are a beautiful landscape of its own. In one section, you could be climbing a mountain and there will a moment went your jaw drops and say “Hoe S***! Damn!!”  The detail are insane even if you run it at 720P.

Sound: Blood, head being crushed, cries of you enemy, all checked and accounted for. The voice acting is fine enough to push you to hear more. Although this is where I’ll nip pick. After some combo executed, Kratos foot step seem to disappear. Maybe that’s just me not having Dolby Digital surround sound but still. That’s all I got for that.

Replayability: Yup. Keep playing this game a few more rounds. Once you beat the game, you can use some items that you couldn’t use the first time and it makes the game good. You have Titan mode, which you’ll die from as the game makes fun of you, and Challenge of Olympus. These modes will seriously test your skills as a gamer.

Verdict: Buy it! Buy the bloody thing. It will increase your testosterone level ten folds. You’ll grow hair on your chest and back. Don’t be a Jimmy!!


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