Gouki.com Girl 2012 Contest Over $1000 in Cash & Prizes

By goukijones — August 26, 2011
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The 2012 Gouki.com Girl has the chance to represent our site with video reviews and passes to some of the biggest conventions in the United States. Win over $1000 in prizes, including $500 cash and Video Games for a year. Don't be a Jimette?

Interested in being our Gouki.com Girl for 2012? You must be 18 years old or older(and be female, of course.) You can win over $1000 in cash and prizes.

Grand Prize will receive $500 Cash.*
Nintendo 3DS (her choice of color.) 2 Nintendo 3DS games (her choice.)
Her choice of 2 games that are currently available for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii. Also 6 games (her choice) will be pre-ordered over the next year.**
Passes to represent Gouki.com at any convention she would like to go to. E3 2012, PAX East & West, Comic-con, EVO (Gouki.com will pay tournament entry fees and give a $500 cash bonus for a finish in the top 32 in SSF4AE and/or UMvC3.) Winner is responsible for travel and accommodations.
Her choice of 2 Gouki.com original t-shirts.

How to enter:

Become a member of Gouki.com. Complete your profile and add an Avatar on Gravatar.com. Start submitting stories and getting attention. To be qualified you must do at least 1 (but can submit as many as you like) video review of a current game, you must appear in the video and mention one of our slogans during the video. Either Gouki.com Number 1 in the World or Don’t be a Jimmy!

We’d also like to learn a little bit about you and here’s where you can score a lot of points. Submit a picture story of your gaming lifestyle (game collection, game room and rig, cosplay, etc.) Include why you’re interested in being the Gouki.com Girl and what you will bring to our community. Our users will vote up stories they like most. So the more you submit and the more creative and fun you are, the better your chances. The total votes from your top review story and your introduction story will be combined and the top 10 girls will move onto the grand finals.

The deadline to enter the contest is 11/18/2011.

The grand finals will run from 11/21/2011 to 12/2/2011 and will consist of the top 10 girls voted by Gouki.com members. There will be one final poll for the members to vote for once again for their favorite girl. The top 10 finalists will be required to submit 1 final video, more details on that when we have the final 10.

The 2012 Gouki.com Girl will be announced on 12/5/2011. The final decision will be made by the 3 Gouki.com judges. She will be honored for one year.

Featured on the site.
The Gouki.com Girl will be featured on the site for 1 year. She will get her own exclusive Gouki URL & email.

Appearances & Sharing
Hopefully potential Gouki.com Girls have one of the following accounts. Create and sharing content on Gouki.com is a mutual benefit for everybody in the video game and Internet world. Share your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and whatever other social engine you run on with the Goukimunity! We’re going to be promoting this contest like crazy before and after.

*$300 will be sent out immediately. Another $200 will be sent when your Gouki.com Girl contract expires and you have fulfilled all of the requirements. Required 6 video reviews before 12/1/2012.

**To get the 6 pre-order games, the 2012 Gouki.com Girl must continue to show support for Gouki.com, visit regularly and post more video reviews. Post a video review for 1 of the 4 games you win after the contest and we will pre-order which ever title you want next. Video review that title and then we will pre-order another and so on.

***This is a contest and Gouki.com reserves all rights. Rules & prizes subject to change at anytime. Anybody abusing anything on Gouki.com will be banned immediately. We run a fair and legitimate operation here. Don't be a Jimmy. Thanks for playing.

We’re serious about our giveaways and always try to do them bigger and better. Check out our previous contests and giveaways.


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